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Razer Raiju Ultimate v1.02 beta firmware

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by stavrosmangaros, Nov 5, 2018.

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  1. Neocloud7

    Neocloud7 New Member

    I would want to try it too if it's possible. Thank you.
  2. JoseJr092

    JoseJr092 New Member

    I Need the firmware update 1.02, my razer os unplayable in destiny 2. My stick are crazy... More lag.
  3. I recive the update and My right stick îs The same
  4. M4gn3t0

    M4gn3t0 New Member

    Can you please send me the link? I have issues with the left stick. I Use the Razer Raiju Ultimate. Thanks!
  5. Jovid

    Jovid New Member

    I believe the firmware corrects the drift only on the Right Stick and if you are having drifting from the left stick like I did you will need to contact support as they might need to issue a replacement.
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  6. M4gn3t0

    M4gn3t0 New Member

    This is already the third replacement. If they can‘t fix that, i will send it back and i want my money back. Are the problems on the tournament Edition too?
  7. Neocloud7

    Neocloud7 New Member

    Yes, I have the same problems in the TE
  8. webretroAwesome653

    webretroAwesome653 New Member

    I too need the update. Drift issues with the left stick. I hope this will help! It's been over a month since I bought the controller and I have only used it the day I bought it. It was unusable.
  9. black_caviar

    black_caviar New Member

    Hello, i also need a link to the beta firmware. Ty
  10. I_THE_ME

    I_THE_ME New Member

    So I´ve been testing the 1.02 beta update lately and honestly I haven´t noticed any improvements. After updating there seems to be a bit of drift upwards on the right stick in both modes. This is easily noticed when lightly nudging the stick to to right and left as your sights start slowly moving upwards even though no commands was given to that direction by the user. It feels like the deadzone upwards is too small.
    Yet to me the biggest problem, regarding the right stick not letting me turn left, persists. As I try to turn exactly left my character does turn, but very slowly (at 5-40% speed so quite randomly). It seems like not all the information from that sensor or part of the sensor (don´t know how it works so just guessing) isn´t sending all its data or it´s not being received by the controller´s processor.

    Hope this gets fixed in the public version of the update 1.02.
    Have a nice weekend.
  11. i also want a link to the fm please. I've 1second long lags in cable mode hmm...
  12. Giuseppeleott

    Giuseppeleott New Member

    I Opened a thread for help with the left stick drifting. I’d like to try beta firmware. Thank you
  13. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    It's still present with the beta firmware
  14. PRODISH242

    PRODISH242 New Member

    hi ,
    Can I get a link to latest Beta 1.02 pleae. thanks
  15. black_caviar

    black_caviar New Member

    Looking for a link
  16. Ich brauche auch das Update. Driftprobleme mit dem linken Stick. Ich hoffe das wird helfen! Ich mag den Controller sehr nur in manchen Situationen ist der Stift sehr nervig.
  17. SpartanM

    SpartanM New Member

    I am need of the the firmware update 1.02 plz i am having some lag input and stick drift issues
  18. Bulletz4Breakfast

    Bulletz4Breakfast New Member

    I’d like to have the link too please. This controller is almost unplayable!! Stick drift is crazy.
  19. sideeverJet265

    sideeverJet265 New Member

    Hello, I also have problems with my joysticks. I downloaded the firmware 1.01 but I still have issues with the right joystick which drifts towards the right or the left sometimes and the left joystick also. I feel so a little of input lag.
    Hope you can help me to resolve that. Thanks.
  20. Giuseppeleott

    Giuseppeleott New Member

    Thank you.
    That’s very very bad. I can’t use my ultimate edition due to the left stick drifting.
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