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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by FinlayDaG33k, May 11, 2015.

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  1. FinlayDaG33k_no_id

    FinlayDaG33k_no_id New Member

    hello there,

    can somebody make me a league of legends tool for my razer Blackwidow chroma.
    the razer chroma SDK has been released and it was perfect for what I need, exept that I don't have alot of C knowledge.

    I want to basically have my keyboard show the cooldowns of a spell
    green for up
    red for down

    anyone who can do this for me? big thankies :D
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  2. 106078989

    106078989 New Member

    I'd love to see someone make this :D I play League of Legends alot and I think something like this would help. Someone please make this :)
  3. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    That would be radical..... something cool for summoners as well. like a display when they're back up and a cool strobe whenever you actually use flash.
  4. Hukij

    Hukij New Member

    At the moment I don't think the configurator allows this much detail in profiles but I really hope that razer update it often so people can make stuff like this.
  5. Cyfl0w

    Cyfl0w New Member

  6. FinlayDaG33k_no_id

    FinlayDaG33k_no_id New Member

  7. Cyfl0w

    Cyfl0w New Member

    Thats currently not possible due to restrictions from razer.
  8. FinlayDaG33k_no_id

    FinlayDaG33k_no_id New Member

    damn :\ razer please
  9. kombat143d

    kombat143d New Member

    This needs to be a thing like asap
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