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Tiamat 7.1 replacement

Discussion in 'Audio' started by SMiyoshi, Jan 16, 2017.

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  1. SMiyoshi

    SMiyoshi Member

    After 3 years of good and loyal services, my Tiamat didn't survive to a 80cm fall... The left side fixation broke.
    I'm looking for a new headset which could replace it since the Tiamat seems to be out of stock (Razer stopped the production ?)

    The points I would like to retrieve :
    - 7.1 (if possible not a virtualized one)
    - A switch to mute the mic (and a retractable mic could be great)
    - Large cushions to cover my way-too-big ears

    I don't care about listening music or watching movies, the main purpose of this headset is gaming.

    If you have any suggestions, let me know !
  2. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    razer stopped making "true 7.1" headsets since the tiamat, so unless you want to switch brand you will have to go with virtuel 7.1

    from my experience, the man o war is a pretty good headset, you should give it a try
  3. SMiyoshi

    SMiyoshi Member

    The Man o War seems to be really bassy according to reviews, is it right ?
  4. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Not sure about the Man o War, But i have the Kraken 7.1 V2's and they are super bassy. Sometimes if you turn them on max volume with max bass boost it starts to turn to a static noise, I guess it is not made to go that high.
    Also, If you get the Man o War or Kraken 7.1 V2 you may need to buy the bigger oval ear cups, Since the circle ones are plenty of big for me but they may be a little tight on your ears. Suggest you get the headset first to make sure you need them ;).
  5. SMiyoshi

    SMiyoshi Member

    The Kraken is way too bassy for me. I'm looking for kind of a neutral headset
  6. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    I hope it doesn't mean that production has stopped. I thought maybe they were just making it clear in the lead up to the CES event that they weren't in stock at the moment, instead of the "Register your Interest" button (which could be misleading in the case of a sale like the one they're about to have).
  7. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    not at all imo, I mean compared to the krakens
    also, the wireless version has a pretty good eq where you can reduce the bass even more
  8. SMiyoshi

    SMiyoshi Member

    Well after several tries, I managed to glue the broken part on my Tiamat and for now it seems to work. If it breaks again I will consider buying the ManO'War unless Razer is planning on a new version of the Tiamat.
  9. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Wouldn't that be nice ... I use the Tiamat 7.1 as well, and I really enjoy the way they sound. Also, no one has ever complained about how I sound when I use my mic so I hope I can keep them for many years to come.
  10. FearLezZ1990

    FearLezZ1990 Active Member

    What I heard so far is that the krakens are all bassy but that doesn't mean that they're bad.
  11. Quettan

    Quettan New Member

    The Man 'o' War 7.1 wireless is on my head right now and I love it!
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