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What is everyone's favorite Razer product?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luke Peters, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. Aquifel

    Aquifel New Member

    I enjoy my Tartarus, its a big help on MMOs.
  2. KingDarkeye

    KingDarkeye New Member

    BlackWidow Chroma.....if I could get my hands on one.
  3. meimercy

    meimercy New Member

    I have a death adder and I love it. I want the black widow ultimate stealth but they ran out ;;(((
  4. meanrottenspam

    meanrottenspam New Member

    Is it worth the $20 more?
  5. sourcegeoFlame837

    sourcegeoFlame837 New Member

    I love my Razer Mamba 2012 it does everything I would want it to do plus more!
  6. Hanollo

    Hanollo New Member

    deathadder. I've had 3
  7. 1w34t

    1w34t New Member

  8. lordofwar22

    lordofwar22 New Member

    defnitily the nabu x
  9. rcastano28

    rcastano28 New Member

    I'm loving the new nabu, its small with a very simple design!
  10. AznSkribbles

    AznSkribbles New Member

    Playing around the Black Widow series for a while and I'm still loving it
  11. rcastano28

    rcastano28 New Member

    The new forge TV is great!
  12. websoloQuartz573

    websoloQuartz573 New Member

    I enjoy the sleekness of the deathstalker, keys are very smooth. I look forward to getting a BlackWidow in the future though.
  13. AdvanSuper

    AdvanSuper New Member

    Death Adder!
  14. 42566811000

    42566811000 Active Member

    combo between ouroboros and tiamat 7.1
  15. Fuchsiaautodome003

    Fuchsiaautodome003 New Member

    I love my Deathadder to well, death. I'm glad it gets to get an upgrade though.
    3500->6400dpi WOOO
  16. Brutobi

    Brutobi New Member

    I'm between the Blackwidow and the naga 2014

    Probably the Naga, because there's nothing better out there, and there's a couple pretty good mechanical keybords. And I've been using Naga for 2 years, I started with the Molten and changed to 2014 a few months ago.
  17. xXsniperpunkXx

    xXsniperpunkXx New Member

    My Razer Oroborus. Can't beat on the fly dpi swap w/ full adjustability AND wireless w/ charging!
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  18. BVAhAVoK

    BVAhAVoK New Member

    ^^ Ditto!
  19. JaketheInsider

    JaketheInsider New Member

    The Kraken Pro's in White are the best!
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