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What is the surface of the Firefly Hard?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by fumpf, Apr 1, 2017.

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  1. It's not the Destructor 2. Despite the descriptions being similar or the same the Destructor 2 is much faster than my Firefly, and that doesn't work for me. The only alternative I see is the Invicta on the control side, which seems to be an old product that doesn't appear to be sold outside of the Razer shop. I would also have to pay $60 when all I want is the Control side, not a useless piece of aluminum and a Speed side.

    I don't like the protrusion at the top of the Firefly (screw the lights) as it either limits the usable surface or interferes and I haven't found an alternative to an otherwise good mouse mat. I got tired of Razer's general nonsense and lack of transparency and tried the Logitech G900 on a G440 hard pad (which, in my opinion, smartly adds an extra vertical inch) but the pad was similar to the Destructor 2- fast surfaces with little control.

    Where is Razer's Control on hard mats and why is it not a standalone product? It's an entire area the product line neglects or serves poorly. The cloth mats are significantly slower than the hard mats. I have the new Goliathus Speed so I know what the supposedly Speed option is like. By contrast it feels like dragging the mouse through a swamp. The hard mats, on the other hand, are very fast. The Destructor 2 is supposed to be a middle ground but it is essentially the same as the G440. I don't even want to think what the Manticor is like, the "Elite" product, apparently a notch above "Expert". Mice shouldn't be coming with feet for that thing, they should have razer skates, and I don't mean the roller kind. Apparently the surface is accordingly cold as well.

    How do I get a hard, Control, Firefly-like surface without the lights? If that's currently not an option, it seems like a smart idea to make it one. This company isn't shy about number of products.
  2. I might try the Corsair MM600. It's two-sided as well but $20 cheaper and I see no indications that it's of worse quality than the Invicta. Anyone have experience with it? Will I have a problem using a Razer Deathadder Elite on it? Should calibrate through Synapse 2.0 flawlessly?

    I just heard that maybe what I'm looking for is a silicone pad, which is supposed to be like a hard pad but with more control. Is this true? Not sure I'll even bother as all I'm reading now is that it's about comfort rather than greater control, and it's comically an additional inch shorter rather than taller.
  3. Jayorito

    Jayorito Well-Known Member

    Hello, If you do not the firefly I would recommend Megasoma V2 its a hybrid between a hard and cloth. Or if you do not like a hybrid go for the manticor. Overall its based on personal preference.
  4. The Manticor is supposed to be the fastest from what I can tell, which I don't want. I heard from a video that a mat like the Megasoma 2 could have the control I'm looking for incorporated but from all the descriptions I can find I don't see anything about control, just that it's more comfortable. In addition, as opposed to making it an inch taller, like mats of other companies, for some reason they made that one an inch shorter than what they already do.

    I like the Firefly surface, not the thing they have at the top of it. I'll go return the Destructor 2 and maybe pick up the MM600.


    Despite a positive first impression I can't control on the Corsair Control side either. This is so goddamn dumb. Anyone working at Razer reads this forum?

    What is the surface of the Firefly Hard and can I get it without the lights so that obtrusive top element is gone? Did you use a new, markedly more control-type hard surface for the Firefly Hard? SELL IT AS ITS OWN PRODUCT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! The biggest detraction from hard surfaces is that they are too fast, so if you perhaps have one that gives players significant control in contrast to all the pretenders, including your own Destructor 2, it might be a bright idea to sell it on its own, and highlight it accordingly!
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  5. Jayorito

    Jayorito Well-Known Member

    There no is other mouse mats that razer sells with Firefly Hard surface. I would try Steelseries or something since what you want does not exist. Razer will one day make a mousepad with the firefly's Hard surface . For now go with a different brand.
  6. One of the things I don't understand is if this surface is indeed different, and better in a major way, why don't Razer point that out? From what I recall the relevant portion of the descriptions of the Destructor 2 and the Firefly suggest no difference between the two surfaces (both of them are supposedly the great compromise between speed and control/precision) when this is very much not what I've experienced. It doesn't make sense from a business perspective. This is a mat that has a strong selling point beyond the unnecessary lighting, yet it's lumped with all the other hard pads and mats that supposedly address control and precision but in fact do not do so. It's like I'm either wrong or Razer, at least their vacuous marketing people or whatever they are, don't appear to understand (although others within must be negligent as well) that this surface is importantly different, not just within their product line either, but within hard pads in general.

    I've already tried Logitech's hard pad and Corsair's hard control pad. I feel bad about returning a third pad (also tried the Destructor 2) in addition to a mouse, but I might've lost the receipt anyway. You want me to keep buying and returning these pads?


    All of their mouse pads are cloth. There's something from 2009 on Amazon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Anyway, this thread is as much about Razer confirming or denying that this is a significantly different surface from their other ones, getting their act together on communicating the nature of this surface, and selling this surface for unhindered performance without the top protrusion of the Firefly while perhaps adding an extra inch vertically as it is about me finding a solution (it seems I'll just stick with the Firefly). If I'm right this surface is important and is flying under the radar. Who knows, they might be able to improve it too if they think along the right track. The Destructor 2, the Logitech G440, the Corsair MM600- all of these mats/pads are practically crap due to how little control they actually provide (the descriptions on all of them are utter nonsense). They might have top accuracy, Logitech might be benchmarking their mice on these surfaces and confirming that little crystals and s*** provide the highest quality surface, but they are practically crap. The Firefly isn't. In competitive Overwatch I do starkly better with the Firefly, and it's very easy to tell why. I can control my mouse on it while having the greater ease of movement afforded by the hard surface. If this is true how do you not sell that?
  7. Jayorito

    Jayorito Well-Known Member

  8. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Technically, nothing else shares the *exact* same surface has the hard-surfaced Firefly. I also have not used one myself. However, from people who have used both I've heard that the Vespula is about as close as you can get. So, perhaps give that a try.
  9. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    I have the Vespula mat, it got both.
    It has been great to far with my Ouroboros mouse.
    I normally use the speed side, but the control one is just as great.
  10. The Vespula has a stupid effective size, and that's the only reason I'm looking for an alternative to the Firefly. I had the Fnatic one come up in a google search but got turned off by the claim that it doesn't have a stable base. I guess I might as well buy it from a different seller and just return it if it's more of the same, which at this point is my expectation.
  11. Jayorito

    Jayorito Well-Known Member

    What you are looking for does not exist. A Firefly cloth works fine for me, You shouldn't need a hard one for gaming.
  12. My point is it should exist. And as I pointed out, Razer aren't shy about letting a whole bunch of things exist. Really, if the focus was on performance as it should be, what I'm asking for should've been the first thing to exist, not an RGB mat at a standard size. I take it Razer don't consider themselves a casual products company (their prices aren't casual-friendly either). I'll see how the Fnatic Boost Control turns out in a couple of days.

    Is it possible I have significantly worn down the surface or something and that's why it feels more toward control? I don't even know whether wear should make a surface feel slower or faster. What are other people's impressions of the Firefly hard edition?
  13. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Worn down to affect a speed leaning towards control? I'm going to say "nope!" -- Now if you had asked if a control could be used enough that it might get smoother and feel more similar to a speed, then I would've said, "uh, maybe."

    If you do have a hard speed mat and it feels like it's not moving as quickly, then try cleaning it with some alcohol and a soft cloth. It is possible for oils from your hands, dirt, dust, etc to collect on top of the mat and occasionally create spots that feel almost "gummy" if you can find them, but they're generally so small you won't see them unless you're specifically looking for them, even more so on a mat that is black.
  14. I bought a Logitech Pro to go along with the Fnatic Boost Control mat. At first I thought I finally found a good hard mat that gives good control (ironically the Boost Control is a smooth mat) but I've been running the Logitech mouse across the Corsair surfaces and it feels fine there too, even on the Speed side. Now I'm inclined to impute the problem to the Deathadder Elite's feet. The Logitech mouse doesn't overshoot like the Deathadder Elite did, doesn't jitter, and doesn't feel unstable and hard to control for precision. Gameplay has been enjoyable as well, whereas I was having a bad time before.

    Wow, I'm moving the mice side by side right now on the same surface. The difference is night and day. The resistance of the Deathadder Elite is awful. This is shocking, frankly. I've been using the Elite for only 4 months! The feet are hardly that worn.
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  15. just came to say the manticor is a dust magnet pos, turns out a super smooth surface, akin to the trackpad on macbook, sucks for teflon and gliding, whodathunkit? mionix got it right hving a textures surface with ensis320. and just from look and touch alone firefly, even though its way smaller, seems to be the same texture plastic as my bf4 destructor2(got if for 3/4 reg price on some razerstore sale in 2013/14, with free shiping even though i didnt add anything else to my cart), which btw is just a paperthin transparent texture piece of plastic glued onto rubber, the textured surface on the spot where i use my mouse alot has turned into smooth smudge, just like the matt coating on my taipan, so now i need to use the pad upside down, razer is the one tht came up with tht tiny specks of crystal tht reflect sensor light back teh fastest nonsense for destructor2, not logitech. oh razer, suing fireforge games, buying ouya just so min could hv hardcore sphex(the adhesive on my dignitas model just flew away so now its totally useless without tape, sure hope v2 is better) with julie uhrman, buying thx just so u can paste their stickers on ure laptops, teh nabu, truly 4gamersbygamers. someone link to a lancehead review tht actually does a comparison to teh taipan(god i wished krait had sidebuttons). i claw and love teh taipan(which before lancehead made it disappear from razerstore, was more expensive than da elite ffs) and mx518 and just hate the shape of da, even though middle click on taipan is stiffer than me grandpa after 10 doses of vi@ gra. megasoma vs zowie tfx? while the lenuvo razer sticker moneygrab..i mean partnership was kinda pointless, it gave us the sexy lenuvo y gaming optical da ripoff, better sequel to da than mamba imo. razer beat mionix to the punch when it comes to pink mice with teh proclick, teh 1thing worse for gaming than magic mouse. is the ipad pro mechanical kb case razer made really the real deal? the deathstalker seems like overpriced apple kb. how is teh turret? lancehead looks like lanchesis, why tf did razer abandon imperator for freaking diamondback? for some dank drunk reason i purposely broke the mouse button of my taipan, now its special. im min liang tans brother btw, tht story abt min being so busy he tells his secretery(julie uhrman) to buy the same lunch everyday...actually true. hv a cup of chroma blow ontehhouse from the ceos sphexslave. IMG_0469.JPG the rubber side grips on it are super dirty IMG_0471.JPG i never liked the feeling of mechanical kbs, the ornata is better but i still swear on the kb120(tht amd uses for their vega demos), sucks for typing but great for gaming once u get used to the mising keystroke inputs. anyone noticed how the bf1 reveal event used logitech? i thought razer and ea were monkey 4ick close? IMG_0470.JPG
    dell s2340l masterrace? ips or gtfo, 1080p at 23.8inches is already bleeding my eyes from the fat 'got them moves like jaggy' pixels. lastly heres a photo of ms harambe telling the manticor to suck it. IMG_0472.JPG
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