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Any way to change the color of the F1-12 keys when holding down "fn" key on the Blade Stealth?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Hyperbole, Aug 19, 2018.

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  1. Hyperbole

    Hyperbole Active Member

    So, since the back-light on the Blade Stealth doesn't shine through the icons next to the FN keys, I was curious if anyone has found a way to change the color of them when holding down "fn" so I can tell things like volume up or down apart, as by default, it makes the full keyboard go dark, and the FN keys light up white.

    Since the unit is Chroma capable, I would assume there's a way to enable changing the preset that the FN lighting maps to, but have found no way to modify the "holding down fn key" lighting.

    Any ideas? Any workarounds?

    TY in advance, coming back to Razer ecosystem with the purchase of the Blade Stealth and still hoping the community has some tricks up it's sleeve.
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  2. shirogeek

    shirogeek New Member

    That's a really smart thing to do, I regretted the fact that the blade 15 would not allow us to see clearly the function of each F0-12 button. This is a viable solution but i can't seem to find anything on Chroma. I hope razer sees this and offers us a solution
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  3. Hyperbole

    Hyperbole Active Member

    Yeah, since having read up on different models, it seems like this could really help out all Chroma enabled Razer Blade owners.

    If there was a way to bind a keypress to a Chroma Profile (maybe someone can write up something that does it?), it might be possible to overwrite the fn key with it, but I'm not sure.
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