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Any way to get bluetooth chat with Sabertooth?

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by sephkane, Mar 28, 2015.

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  1. sephkane

    sephkane New Member

    It sucks that I need to use a wire if I want to use my wireless headset with the Sabertooth controller. I currently have the TB XP510's and they come with an XBA adapter and it works great with the regular 360 controller but the Sabertooth doesn't have the 2 extra holes to fit the adapter into. Is there a workaround?
  2. ogreman88

    ogreman88 Member

    Wait what? I would think that if your headset is bluetooth, it should work bluetooth. I dunno, are you using it on PC or Xbox?
  3. sephkane

    sephkane New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Yes my headset has bluetooth but the Razer Sabertooth controller doesn't have the right connection for the XBA bluetooth adapter. And I'm using on my Xbox.
  4. ogreman88

    ogreman88 Member

    Well, from what Turtle Beach states:


    NOTE: This adapter cable is not compatible with the Chatpad or controllers with non-standard XBOX Chat connections. Some third party controllers have weird shapes and the XBA won't fit. Also, the Razer controller has some controls that might get in the way. TheXBA was designed specifically for the official Microsoft XBOX 360 controllers and works only with them.

    I dunno if you can file those little clips down or not, but from what TB States, you're kinda SOL. Though the Razer Chimaera headset works perfectly.

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