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Apart from gaming, what else do you enjoy?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by GroovyG0D, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. JeffTheReff

    JeffTheReff New Member

    I watch a lot of movies/tv and develop apps in my spare time
  2. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    watch youtube or watch series/movies/anime
  3. dajmotley

    dajmotley New Member

    I'm a big fan of Comics, particularly just about anything Image is putting out. East of West, Deadly Class and Saga are my top picks and definitely good ones to try for anyone interested in getting into them.
  4. ytcracka

    ytcracka New Member

    Guitar baby!
  5. Starroftheshow

    Starroftheshow New Member

    Hockey, ice and inline play 4 or more times a week
  6. RiseAgainst

    RiseAgainst New Member

    Airsoft, hunting, fishing, and similar things
  7. Willywilt

    Willywilt New Member

    bowling, Designing graphics, working out and hanging with buddies
  8. I like playing soccer
  9. SideshowNick

    SideshowNick New Member

  10. Deathstalker3

    Deathstalker3 New Member

  11. Honyo

    Honyo New Member

    Motorcycling! There's nothing quite like the feeling of the wind past your body, the freedom of not being in a box, and the open road ahead.
  12. Axemify

    Axemify New Member

    If I'm not gaming then I'm usually watching Anime, building computers, messing with Photoshop and other editing software or outside cause I suddenly feel like being active...
  13. alpha_H

    alpha_H New Member

    I'm from Calgary Canada, so any snow sport
  14. bytecarAshGrey099

    bytecarAshGrey099 New Member

    Hiking! but only during summer time. Reading and learning would be of my interest too.
  15. adakuo713

    adakuo713 New Member

    Being a high school gamer means you need to study...but I do enjoy reading
  16. Aquifel

    Aquifel New Member

    I like to take apart my razer products that have failed and try to fix them :S. Not a good idea for the average person, go with RMA service first, but for mine their warranties ran out LONG ago.
  17. fishbone94

    fishbone94 New Member

    Personally I just love being around computers, so when I'm not gaming I generally find myself working on personal projects for school like programming, 3D modelling or digital painting. I find that art is a great way to getaway from stressful gaming and life, where I can just enjoy some peaceful music (or heavy if that's the mood) and just draw out my emotions.
  18. CedricE

    CedricE New Member

    extreme sports. video games are fun but you can't beat real life sources of adrenaline
  19. KingDarkeye

    KingDarkeye New Member

    I enjoy getting with my friends to go bowling. Im pure crap at it but its fun.
  20. Ahrounn

    Ahrounn New Member

    I love talking with my friend. I love study too. =)
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