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Backorder for Chroma Stealth Keyboard.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Eggrollstone, Jan 28, 2015.

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  1. I'm wondering how many other people are still waiting for their blackwidow chroma steath keyboard to ship. I understand that the recent sales have caused a huge spike in demand but it's nearly 2 weeks now of waiting.

    I placed my order on the 16th without the 50% discount and before the remedial sale knowing that it would be hard to place the order anyways (notify me button doesn't notify). It also noted on the website that it was expected to ship on the 19th. On the 20th, I get an email that it is now delayed until the 28th.

    Yet again my order is still in "order in process" and the site says Ships on 06th February 2015 . Maybe I'm not patient enough but at the time of writing this I'm hoping it will come then, 3 weeks after placing the order. With that said I'm still very hyped about getting my first mechanical keyboard.
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  2. nougatcookie

    nougatcookie Member

    I had no Problem with the Razer Store since my Nabu X came 1 Workday after ordering and i wish you a lot of fun with your Blackwidow Chroma Stealth when it arrives. + more luck than i had with my BW Ultimate 2014
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  3. Rustsys

    Rustsys New Member

    For those still looking, the keyboards are available on Newegg. They have been for a bit actually. I got my Blackwidow Chroma within 2 days after ordering, so its a good bet. And the Stealth is cheaper on Newegg by like 50 bucks. And free shipping. Newegg - first go to source for computer parts!

    Hopefully you get your keyboard sooner than that date though. If not you can always check out that brand new egg ;)
  4. It seems that newegg is out on the stealth version of the RGB. Oh the irony of my username.
  5. Rustsys

    Rustsys New Member

    Last edited: Jan 28, 2015
  6. geoOPALGrayBlue129

    geoOPALGrayBlue129 New Member

    I'm in the same boat as the OP (Except I did order the stealth version). I placed my order on the 18th without any discounts (Because I just wanted the keyboard) expecting it to ship on the 19th as depicted on the website. I also received an email stating it would ship January 26. Being anxious to receive this keyboard, I checked the site as if I were to purchase it after the sale and it showed that it would ship January 28.

    I've checked the website again, and now it's showing February 6. That's disappointing because it was available from other sources. I would have purchased this from someplace else without the purported 3+ week hassle if I had any idea this is how they handle "backordered" items. This is the first Razer product I've purchased, but this seems like a start off on the wrong foot.
  7. slifertroll

    slifertroll Member

    I've got a coming RMA for the non stealth version, and I think it is retail packaged. It shipped out today, or yesterday.
  8. chaulklet

    chaulklet Member

    Can you link that bro? I can't find it
  9. xShAdEz

    xShAdEz Member

    I have the same problem as you. I ordered the Chroma Bundle which comes with BW Chroma Stealth last Jan 07. It's already the 29th... It's gonna be almost a month now. I think It's time they pay attention to this. @Razer|Technokat Can you guys please see to it that this matter is getting resolve? It's almost a month now for mine and the author of the post have his for weeks now. I'm also sure a lot of people are having the same issue.
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  10. geoOPALGrayBlue129

    geoOPALGrayBlue129 New Member

    I agree with this. I ordered a competitor's keyboard from amazon, and it is being delivered today! There is just no excuse for this excessive delay and no communication to their customers.

    I feel like I've been duped despite knowing my desired keyboard will come some day in a month not named January... This is making me feel like I ordered a bitcoin miner from butterfly labs, and I'm getting their "in two weeks" excuse before the FTC put them in receivership.

    Surely, razer isn't intentional defrauding customers, but I am starting to feel like I gave them a $170.00 loan at 0% interest. It's shady business, but maybe that's just how companies who cater to video-gamers roll?
  11. Sylph027

    Sylph027 New Member

    Thats the one thing I hate about exclusive products. At least with the normal Blackwidow chroma, you can get it outside of the Razer store, but we are screwed for the stealth version.
  12. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    Well, I suppose this thread puts to rest the conspiracy theory that Razer intentionally removed BW Chroma stock from the store before the Remedial Sale. The stock fluctuations before the sale and the lack of units during the sale were due to people ordering...
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  13. richy877

    richy877 Active Member

    Reminds me of when people were trying to buy books from the college book store for a class I was taking. It was a special edition of the book made by the professor only sold through the store. When it ran out the first day people were upset and thought the professor was being too cheap and didnt want too many copies or the book store didn't order enough copies thinking the class was in low demand. Truth was another professor didnt want to write their own book and decided to use the same type of manual for teaching their class. Point is sometimes demand for something like a keyboard can be unpredictable, especially if it's as popular as the chroma.
  14. DarkAries

    DarkAries New Member

    you said with a 50% discount ? how did you get that, was there a promo code that i missed ?
  15. Maverickx5

    Maverickx5 New Member

    I have been waiting on my stealth keyboard for about 2 weeks now as well. I thought it was going to ship yesterday, logged into the website and it says it wont ship out till feb 6th kind of a bummer.
  16. xShAdEz

    xShAdEz Member

    been waiting for 22 days here. They really need to give as a definite answer on when will it be shipped to us. I have a bundle and everything is on hold just because of the keyboard. Sigh.
  17. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    It was a sale and you missed it.

    Do a search on "CES Appreciation" and "Remedial Sale" for details...

    The sale might happen again next year, if Razer wins at CES...
  18. DarkAries

    DarkAries New Member

    do you know if there is any active promo codes ?
  19. I ordered my BW Chroma Stealth the day after the CES sale at full price, it shipped the same day...
  20. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    Min had said in a post that inventory projections are determined three months in advance. You're basically at the mercy of decisions made long ago. However, stock does continue to flow in and things will eventually deliver. When your order will be fulfilled is unknown and Digital River isn't the best at keeping you updated. They do deliver though.
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