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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by TheDerpyNoob, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. TheDerpyNoob

    TheDerpyNoob New Member

    Which Razer keyboard works best for Competitive Match Making in Counter Strike: Global Offensive?
  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    Go with BlackWidow keyboard series - you have ability to choose 3 different mechanical key types - Razer Green (tactile, clicky), Razer Orange (tactile, silent) & Razer Yellow (lineal, silent).
    BW V2 has a great wrist rest, really helpful if you write / play a lot.
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  3. Magnumheart_

    Magnumheart_ Well-Known Member

    Obviously go for the latest one, Razer BlackWidow v2 Chroma.
    Just decide whether you need the numpad and macro keys (Standard) or the tenkeyless variant (Tournament Edition). Also choose your mechanical switches (Green - tactile/clicky, Orange - tacticle/silent, Yellow - linear/silent)
  4. Zaxster99

    Zaxster99 New Member

    Blackwidow Chroma V2, or the Blackwidow X Chroma if you want a better build quality, though you'll be giving up macros and USB pass through.

    Or if you don't care about RGB lighting and macros you can get the Blackwidow Ultimate.
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  5. Short answer: Anything that comes with Yellow switches should make you happy, for competitive gaming.

    Long answer: It's really less about which board and more about which switch. You need to know what kind of switch you like. After that it just comes down to what "extra" features you want out of your keyboard. As for switches; Razer Greens are similar to Cherry MX Blues. Razer Oranges are similar to MX Browns, and Razer Yellows are similar to MX Speed (Silver), which is itself just a "faster" MX Red.

    Linear vs tactile, click vs non clicky, actuation force, travel distance, etc. The best thing you can do is call around to you local Best Buy or similar store and ask if they have any kind of display with keyboards for you to play with. If that isn't possible, look up some videos on switches.
  6. CPhantonex

    CPhantonex New Member

    I would get the Blackwidow Chroma V2. It has macro buttons to bind to whatever you want. If you want the keys to be quiet, I would get the yellow switches. If you want it to be loud, like me, then get the green switches. They make a loud click sound when keys are pressed, and I personally really like it. So get the Blackwidow Chroma V2, you can choose what switches you want.
  7. DestaKhoo

    DestaKhoo Well-Known Member

    There are 2 premium keyboard I'll suggest:

    Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 yellow switch:
    If you like the tenkey, this is the best keyboard for FPS game type. The linear key switches with low actuation force let you last long gaming without tiring your hand; Short travel distance allow you much faster to bottom out the key, meanwhile the short actuation point activate every single key without hard press but touch only, is nearly instant hit already; There is no actuation and reset distance, thus you are able to rapid fire every key in every critical moment.

    Overall, it is the true industry leading mechanical keyboard for hyper active game play! Very fast and accurate. However, if you still not satisfy, I'll suggest you this:

    Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Tournament Edition yellow switch:
    Everything is same above, but without tenkey. In Addition, it provide you a none delay of assigning key to your computer, called Instant Trigger Technology. This pushed the limit of physical structure of the switches to the max in term of assigning key into the game!

    Hope you find this useful. For your information, I'm using Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 yellow switch.
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