BlackWidow Chroma configurator for MAC - NOW AVAILABLE!

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer | kooki, May 28, 2015.

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  1. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    This is fully documented anywhere you look for information regarding Synapse and the Chroma peripherals regarding Mac usage. Ever since Chroma came out Mac has never been the same as Windows.
  2. Wolf_HH

    Wolf_HH New Member

    Same issue here!!!!
  3. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Awesome! Being that Blackwidow Chroma is going to be my next Razer purchase, I can't wait to be able to have these effects rocking at work ... on my Mac, of course.
  4. Wolf_HH

    Wolf_HH New Member

    PTSinger: have in mind that the functionality is not the same on MAC as under Windows. All these fancy multi color profiles do not work on MAC (yet). We have to be patient! But still al really great product. Love my Black Widow X even without the super duper light shows.
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  5. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Oh, totally! The lights will be rocking for me when I boot into Windows 10 to play Overwatch.

    Do you know if the basic light functionality works with Mac? The simple stuff on my Tartarus and Naga Epic Chroma work for me on the Mac side, but they don't do any of that cool programmable stuff anyway. When I'm using the Blackwidow Chroma (no X: gotta have those 5 macro keys!) on the Mac side, does the individual key programming still work?
  6. Wolf_HH

    Wolf_HH New Member

    yeah, basic light stuff works great and yes: key programming works for me (changed ALT to COMMAND and the Windows Key to ALT. Application Kay is now left COMMAND
  7. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Oh, sorry, I meant programming the BACKLIGHT of the individual keys to individual colors.
  8. Wolf_HH

    Wolf_HH New Member

    nope, this works until now only in WIN
  9. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    So, by basic lighting you mean things like being able to program the entire keyboard a single color, or even do the whole "spectrum cycle" thing?
  10. Wolf_HH

    Wolf_HH New Member

    you can do the presets which are available in Windows , too. Single color, Stars, Wave etc. But there is no chroma program like you have in Windows. (Different colors to different keys, different effects on the F keys e.g). But: you can program the different keys like I described earlier. Change ALT to COMMAND e.g

    latest news after the update from 26.08.2016 (thats when I installed it :).
    The profiles generated in Windows NOW WORK on Mac, too.
    I have 2 different profiles: one for Mac and when I am in Bootcamp one for Windows named - what a surprise: WINDOWS.
    As in OSX the possibilities of creating individual colors for individual keys are non existent, these two profiles for sure are different: in WINDOWS I have WASD marked in white, the number section has a color wave etc. In MAC I have just one color for the whole keyboard. So no individual programming in terms of colors possible.
    But to my surprise: after the latest update I changed in OSX to the WINDOWS profile in Synapse and guess what: everything worked as I had installed it in Windows.
    So here is the solution for more fun on the keyboard: make a nice profile in Windows, make sure you are online in the cloud with Synapse. Save the profile. Restart into OSX, open Synapse, apply your Windows profile, copy it by renaming it. Reprogram if needed your keys to COMMAND, ALT etc, to different keys, save and: here we go :)
    Fell free to applaud ...
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  11. Rooder112

    Rooder112 Member

    WOW amazing should give it try, glad that synapse was out before
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  12. Mewnor

    Mewnor New Member

    Don't upgrade to MacOS Sierra Beta you won't see a single light at all as the software won't recognise the device.
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  13. I really need the Chroma Configurator for my X Chroma. Please update synapse to support it!
  14. Wolf_HH

    Wolf_HH New Member

    But it is supported ... did you not read the posts before yours? *Wonder mode on*
  15. thanh96sang_no_id

    thanh96sang_no_id New Member

    Chroma effects for my Blackwidow X TE on Mac. Please update synapse to support it
  16. katoon

    katoon New Member

    Please update Synapse to support masOS Sierra (10.12) ......
  17. adepssimius

    adepssimius New Member

    Maybe "fully documented" if you read the whole of the Razer forums, but that was not the functionality promised on the packaging and the marketing material. The burden of vetting every marketing claim made on packaging and descriptions by scouring internet forums CANNOT be placed on the consumer and we have every right to be upset about what is plainly false advertising.
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  18. katoon

    katoon New Member

    Hi, in Synapse I can set individual key colours via the Keyboard --> Lighting effect Tab. There is a link 'chroma configurator', click on that and a new window opens allowing to set my own colours to every key I want for example WSAD = red, F1 - F4 = green and so on.... also ripple, breath, wave and co can be added and personalised here.... and after the last update (version 1.59.9) it works again on macOS Sierra....
  19. technabob_no_id

    technabob_no_id New Member

    Any way to make the Chroma Configurator work with the Chroma X Blackwidow on MacOS? I don't see the "Custom" option at all.
  20. Is there a tutorial?
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