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Blackwidow X or Blackwidow Chroma?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by JamesGSixx, Dec 30, 2016.


Which one of the two keyboards are better?

Poll closed Jan 1, 2017.
  1. Blackwidow X

  2. Blackwidow Chroma

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  1. JamesGSixx

    JamesGSixx New Member

    Okay so i've been searching on these two keyboards for a while and i've always wanted one but i never had money to buy it and now i do. I just want to know which one is best? it seems like the blackwidow x had a lot of features removed like usb port,macro keys, headphone and microphone jack and it seems a little dimmer since it doesn't have a white plate under the keys. are there any improvements such as the feel of the keys and the keyboard itself? i know it's all personal preference but i need some opinions on both of the keyboard. i'd try it myself but my local gaming stores make it hard for me to test out both of them. thank you sorry for the long post!

    Edit: I always want to know which one sounds best i've heard tests on both of the keyboards and it sounds like the BW standard has more of the plastic-y sound to it unlike the BW X has more of a Crisp and Clicky sound
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  2. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Whats your price range?
    The Blackwidow X is the cheaper out of the two keyboards, Since it has the removed top plate. It is also suggested that the frame of the Blackwidow X is made out of cheaper materials then the regular Blackwidow. Also, The Blackwidow X also did have the USB and audio jacks on the side removed, As well as the White backplate. Because this backplate is removed, The Colours of the Blackwidow X are a little more dull then the regular Blackwidow. The Macro Keys are also gone on the Blackwidow X.

    I do not own either one of the Blackwidows, But i know a couple people who do own the regular Blackwidow and they say that its a very, strong and sturdy keyboard. They also say that the lights on the keyboard are very bright.

    As for the Blackwidow X, there have been some horror story's of rust forming on the Frame, So keep that into mind when you decide the final decision. Also with the Blackwidow, My friends Blackwidow started to bug out about 2 months after the warranty expired, And some keys would stick down when you didn't click hold on them, And some keys didn't register on occasion.

    Overall, I kind of perfear the Blackwidow X, Mainly since it is cheaper then the Blackwidow, I would not mind losing the USB jack or the Audio Jacks. I also never use Macros on my keyboard, So they would not matter too.
  3. JamesGSixx

    JamesGSixx New Member

    Hey man thanks for the quick reply! i will take note of that rust issue. i don't really live in a humid area. i always have my AC on but my hands do sweat after a while so that may make the keyboard rust. I've had a lot of problems with razer peripherals bugging out and glitching but i think i'm safe as long as i have the warranty. Overall i really want to know how both of them feels and how they sound. I've heard tests on youtube and what i've noticed the standard bw sounds more plastic-y when typed on unlike the bw x it sounds more clicky and crisp if that makes sense. but i wouldn't know since it's i'm hearing it from a pair of headphones.
  4. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Sadly, I cannot help you with that since no local store has a Blackwidow X. I was to a store today and was messing around with the Blackwidow, And to me it doesn't sound too bad, But the Blackwidow X seems to have a more crisp sound too it (Looking at a couple videos)
  5. Darktemix

    Darktemix Member

    I still don't test the X version, but i think it should be the same as blackwidow version but only with the keys more notify since it don't hide at all
  6. Hicham8766

    Hicham8766 New Member

    I Reall really prefer the Chroma one
  7. aab010799

    aab010799 Active Member

    Go chroma unless you need the portability of the X. The chroma is actually a very heavy keyboard but it's great if you're just leaving it in one place. If you're gonna be moving it around get the X
  8. eugenews

    eugenews Active Member

    Is it really much heavier? I'm planning to get one this year. I do travel sometimes and i do bring along my peripherals with me.
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