Blade 2016 Preorder Shipment Delay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xstefanx, Mar 28, 2016.

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  1. marziv

    marziv Member

    Is someone still gonna call them today? Got class for most of the day
  2. What really gets me going is the fact that they don't offer the "no payment no interest" promotions on pre-orders. This forced me and many others go get credit cards that have 0% APR for the first 12-15 billing cycles. We've already lost 2 months of no interest cause of these delays. We should be getting more money off the core for this. It's terrible customer service.
  3. mdaly001

    mdaly001 Active Member

    I am pissed. But it would be less if they would just be transparent about whatever is causing the delay. Just be straight with us and there would be less backlash. This is so unprofessional.
  4. KyubiFox

    KyubiFox New Member

    anybody know anything about the Aorus X3?
  5. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    I agree with akapterian, the XPS 15 is pretty much the only other one that would suit your needs. The drawback is you're getting a 960M instead of a 970M. The 4k screen is so much nicer than the Razer Blade though - I can't emphasize that enough. But the keyboard isn't quite as good as on the previous Razer Blades(I can't comment on the new one of course). It's still a decent keyboard. Sizes are pretty much equal with the XPS being bezelless and a 15.4" screen over the 14" on Razer. Much less fingerprints on the XPS too. My wife has one and she loves it. Just make sure to get the one without a HDD so you get the extended battery(it takes up the HDD slot).

    The only other portable option with TB3 is the GS60 but your dreams of having decent battery life will be crushed. Also the 4k screen option is garbage and there's no touch. I owned a Haswell one for over a year and it suited me just fine but the 3 hour battery life was a challenge.
  6. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    Don't hold your breath on that one. From my experience, all the CSRs can do is read off your ship date, RMA and cancel your order. There are no other features to them. They literally told me yesterday that my ship date was still on Apr 25th lol
  7. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    I wrote a review on the Haswell version a while back. Decent machine but far overpriced. It had some major quality issues too. Same exact screen as the RB but no touch(so it's matte). Keyboard had some flex. Speakers were awfully quiet and the fans were super loud so you couldn't hear anything without headphones. It looks ridiculous to carry around(my opinion). The Wifi was also buggy but I'm sure they fixed that by now. Given the Razer Blade's new price, I would not even consider the Aorus at this point.
  8. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    Just because you're honest doesn't mean you havent failed. Being clear and up front is one thing, but continually failing and apologizing is still failure.
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  9. Razer is not the first one to introduce the usbc - external graphics card. We have that reference design from inventec years ago. I now doubt that the first delay wasn't intel's fault regarding the usb c protocol.

    Everyone's order will move up the ladder, I'm cancelling mine's during lunch. I don't want to be a guinea pig for this.

    ~was hoping they've learned from the past delays but no.... sad
  10. guess im not regretting my decision to go XPS 15 earlier this week. 970m will be missed, but I probably dont game enough to make it matter.

    i7, 512 ssd, 16gb, 4K, 960m + 4 years of service and accidental coverage for $1950 (taxes included). The beauty of Dell's price match policy is astounding :)
  11. One of my co-workers pulled the trigger on the 4k and i cancelled mine in hopes of this razer. Now i regret cancelling my order on the xps :frown_:
  12. marziv

    marziv Member

    Pretty POed.. But this is the only gaming laptop I want and suits me best for college. Time to play the waiting game. See you all again in a month with hopefully a tracking number!
  13. If you want any help on getting the price down let me know, I can let you know the details I went through with it.
  14. it's okay, we're on a business account with dell as our servers are from them :smile_: Thank you very much for the offer though.
  15. Jackk102

    Jackk102 Member

    I'm not sure about you guys but I have no problem waiting. I know for a fact that they aren't going to have the new Pascal chipset in them but in reality, we won't be seeing them implemented in laptops until around September. If you want to wait that long be my guest but I'd rather wait a little longer for this, and coming around next year if I see that the Pascal truly is as big of an improvement as it is hyped to be I will simply sell the 2016 blade and buy the new one.
  16. akapterian

    akapterian Member

    Umm I'm interested. Just went to best buy but they didn't have it. I saw it for 1800 with a student discount on Microsoft Store.

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  17. sending a PM.
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  18. MSN_04

    MSN_04 New Member

    this is very disappointing, i ordered on 3/15 now almost two months delay, no company does that

    this delay should be on the news or something....
  19. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    We probably wont even get a response.
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  20. JoshKlautzsch_no_id

    JoshKlautzsch_no_id Active Member

    This is bullshit. What the hell is up with your shitty customer service?!! I DO NOT recomend anyone buy from Razer. They are ABSOLUTELY terrible with customer service an lie to their customers. I'll be canceling my order. NEVER buying from razer again. Not even giving us an explanation again!? You guys are so pathetic
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