Bought new Orbweaver, can't get Synapse to work.

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by retroPaleSpringBud587, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. I just received a new Orbweaver Chroma to replace my ailing Nostromo, I love the feel of it and it seems great so far, but I've wasted the whole day trying to get Synapse working with no luck.

    First I downloaded Synapse 3, then was surprised to see that the Orbweaver wasn't supported. Seems weird to me that the flagship keypad isn't supported, but whatever.

    So I downloaded Synapse 2, and while installing it I had problems with signed driver warnings. I managed to get around that by disabling driver signing on my system, did a fresh install, then it worked...for about ten minutes.

    In the time it takes me to open the software and start changing the maps and lighting, the LEDs on the Orbweaver will reset themselves to the default and any changes will stop registering. Then if I close the program and try to open it again, the tray icon will appear but I can't click on it in any way. Synapse 2 is running, as are all of the other components like the Chroma SDK service, but I can't open or interact with them in any way.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times now and the result is always the same. I'm very disappointed to say the least, especially considering that I also bought a Roccat mouse and a Cooler Master keyboard which both work perfectly.

    Is there any known fix for this? I've been reading threads on various websites trying to find a solution, some of which are as much as three years old, which is quite worrying.
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  2. And now it isn't even detecting the Orbweaver...

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  3. jodypeck

    jodypeck New Member

    Same here. i have a glowing paperweight now. i have done everything suggested online. pretty disappointed again with Razer. i have a deathstalker keyboard that isn't fully functional also.
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  4. wardog_33

    wardog_33 New Member

    I too just purchased the Orbweaver. Soooo excited to get it home and pitch my Nostromo n52.

    Downloaded the Synapse 3.0 and same thing... no support and can't recognize my device. After many forums I was led to download and install the Synapse 2.0 software. Many people complain that Synapse isn't compatible with Windows 10 and having trouble installing it. I, however had no issues installing the Synapse 2.0 AND it does see my device. I have it all set up with my macros and lighting I desire.

    My advice would be to give the Synapse 2.0 a shot. In my humble opinion, I really like the 2.0 over the 3.0 because it feels like the software I used to use on the Nostromo.
  5. Hi Wardog,
    I'm using Windows 7 x64, and I am indeed using Synapse 2. Synapse 3 is not an option for Orbweaver users right now because the product isn't supported. Synapse 2 is the program that is giving me problems.
  6. Right now my solution has been to simply disable all of the Razer software and use the Orbweaver as a standard HID device with the default key layout. It means I can't change the key maps or the lighting, or use any profiles or any advanced functions whatsoever, but it does at least have the most basic functionality of registering key presses.
    Note that you may have to go into the device manager and disable a device that shows up in the keyboard list as a HID compatible game controller, otherwise the thumb stick will mess up your keybinds in games when you try to remap them.

    Obviously this is a far from desirable solution as it has none of the advertised functionality whatsoever, but at least I can play my games (albeit I have to remap everything in those games).
  7. wardog_33

    wardog_33 New Member

    Hey retro, sorry you are having issues. Not sure why Synapse 2.0 wont work with Win 7 x64. I'm running Win 10 x64 and at least allows me to use the software and the device.
  8. Razer.FirePenguin

    Razer.FirePenguin Keeper of the Flames, Bane of Sardines Staff Member


    To the people who are having problems, I sent you all PM's. Please give me a reply so we can look into this.
  9. wardog_33

    wardog_33 New Member

    Ok, so I went ahead and purchased a Razer Naga Trinity mouse (which only works with Synapse 3.0) and I also have the Razer Orbweaver (which only works with Synapse 2.0) and here's what I can tell you... You can run both the Synapse 2.0 and 3.0 side by side. Should we have to do this because the Orbweaver is not detected or backward compatible with Synapse 3? No, BUT where there is a will there is a way and I have both devices up and running side by side.
  10. I'm currently in contact with Razer customer support via email, so if I find a solution that works for me I'll post it in this thread. No luck so far unfortunately.
  11. csills89

    csills89 New Member

    Is anyone getting a mscorlib.dll error? If so I have the same Issue!
  12. darkenergymedia

    darkenergymedia New Member

    curious what you guys have to look into here. the orbweaver isn't supported. synapse 2 doesn't work in a serious way anymore. it's pretty cut and dry.

    the problem is, i'd guess, that people like me are tired of waiting and hearing excuses. my disdain for razer increases with every new RAZERphone announcement i see while my day-to-day products i've purchased from you sit idle on my desk because they don't work.

    not only that, but it's not addressed.

    the core software that powers and configures all of the products you sell is in an eternal BETA state with no solid roadmap of when it will actually be a reliable, solid solution.

    i'm happy to PM with you if you think it's going to help, but that's pretty much the gist. and for what it's worth, i'm looking actively into other solutions for the future, as RAZER has simply failed to do the bare minimum here, in my opinion.
  13. Just an update.
    Things are proceeding quite slowly and we're still doing very basic troubleshooting (like them asking me to test it on other computers), I have no progress to report unfortunately.
    Besides the software being completely non-functional I am enjoying using the device and I think it's great. Just wish that y'know...the software worked.
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