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[Chroma Workshop] CS:GO Chroma Integration

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Deleted member 20, Nov 27, 2015.

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    BOURRGER Member

    Good joob mby ?!
  2. hwg_jonnayy

    hwg_jonnayy New Member

    didnt know about this, cant wait to set it up when I get home.
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  3. Skippy1223

    Skippy1223 New Member

    That keyboard looks so sweet! Chroma is AMAZING
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  4. ndx_leon

    ndx_leon Member

    csgo fans will be crazy about this
  5. smeltn

    smeltn New Member

    Love these things. Although I have to say when I used ChromaSync, my mouse would lock up and not respond every now and again.. Didn't happen all the time but maybe 1 or 2 times a day if that. With GameDog I have never had that problem. Don't know what it could be but I like the colors more of ChromaSync, but Gamedog hasn't given me ANY issues so I am sticking with it.
  6. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    There's a feature in Chroma Sync which I removed in the current release, or so I thought. It's being completely removed from the main code in the next update and moved to a plugin to be enabled/disabled easily.
  7. smeltn

    smeltn New Member

    ah awesome. What feature was it?
  8. San11

    San11 New Member

    This keyboard could help me on CSGO...Chroma keyboards from Razar always clean and lit haha
  9. Vortek3

    Vortek3 Member

    Nice job Razer! that adds some next level immersion
  10. -Pulverizer-

    -Pulverizer- New Member

    How will this work on BW Tournament Editions? Can the C4 counter be moved further left, or will it be omitted? Also, the macro keys for kill indicators, is it movable?

    Anyways, awesome job on the lightings! It's really nice.
  11. WolfspiritM

    WolfspiritM Active Member

    For GameDog it might need a bit tinkering until everything is set up but you can customize the Keys used for everything. I think that keys not available on the TE version will be omitted in the default preset so for the TE no Kill Counter or Bomb Countdown per default. But if you doubleclick on the Kill Counter or Bomb Countdown and choose other keys instead of the one defined per default it should work.

    With one of the next versions I'm also adding a way to share Profiles and maybe add multiple profiles that can be switched between which makes it easier to have defaults for different kind of keyboards for example :)
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  12. Finally I can time my bombs perfectly :D
  13. weirdlythriggered

    weirdlythriggered New Member

    this is awesome
  14. danieltimchenko

    danieltimchenko New Member

    Is there a way for me to get this to work on mac? I currently have the latest Synapse software and have a Chroma Mamba but don't see the "Chroma Apps" section anywhere on Synapse :/
  15. WolfspiritM

    WolfspiritM Active Member

    I'm sorry, but the Chroma SDK (which allows Apps to control the lighting) is only available for Windows right now.
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  16. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    My only possible suggestion is to run your mac like a windows machine, possible using parallels?
  17. aeroHeartGoldfun218

    aeroHeartGoldfun218 New Member

    Is it possible to get hold off that specific chroma lightning effect? I would love to use the one shown on the picture. If so please post a link to it.
  18. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    I am pretty sure that is the keyboard setup when you are playing as a terrorist. It is part of the Chroma Sync application.
  19. aeroHeartGoldfun218

    aeroHeartGoldfun218 New Member

    Oh, well i got it downloaded and it's on but idk how to go from there.
  20. Any reason its saying i have no apps intergrated with chroma ligting under chroma apps in synapse...
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