Destiny 2 Power level sources explained

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by aduooteqbvnk, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Learning which sources give what Power loot is key to faster and more effective levelling. However, unlike the original Destiny, the vast majority of activities will drop loot at a soft cap of 340 to 345, meaning it's easier to simply play the game how you want and gradually level up.
    However from there, may activities - including Legendary Engrams - will cap the amount of gear you can get from them, forcing players to shift their focus elsewhere to keep increasing.
    Legendary Engrams and standard loot will stop at around 340 to 345, and so you must seek out 'Powerful Gear'. (Note that these 'regular' sources will technically scale with you, but at a pace of around 10 levels behind - so if you are 351-2, this loot will drop at 341-2.)
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