DubWars - syncing up with Razer Chroma

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Razer.WolfPack, Aug 12, 2016.

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  1. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Administrator Staff Member


    Hey Insiders!

    There’s now a whole new way to enjoy music—stunning lights, sick beats, and fast-paced action. Introducing Dubwars, the intense top-down shooter with the electricity of Dubstep and Electronic Music. We’ve worked closely with MURA Interactive to provide you with awesome integrated Razer Chroma effects, so when you’re using the music as your weapon and firing in sync with the rhythm, your setup comes to life and draws you deeper into the action.


    We’re also running a Like and Share giveaway on Facebook so head on over for a chance to win 1 of 10 PC keys to DubWars, contest ends on Aug 26th. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page or the DubWars website to find out more about the game as well as the 12 amazing EDM and Dubstep artistes involved.

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  2. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    I played a very early version of this game when I was helping them integrate with Chroma. It's changed a lot since then but it's quite a fun and enjoyable experience!

    The Chroma effects work really nicely too!
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  3. RealBobFish

    RealBobFish Active Member

    Nice! New chroma games are always great.
  4. GreenChris90

    GreenChris90 Active Member

    Sweet! If i had a chroma I'd definitely get this right away!
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