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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. jisaboke

    jisaboke New Member

    it has to be when I first found out about razer through former ufc fighter and razer sponsored athlete talking about streaming and products with scott young guns Jorgensen
  2. My favorite memory is when I went 42-0 in a Battlefield 2142 match with my first Razer mouse. The Razer Copperhead.
  3. mzayn

    mzayn New Member

    Switching from another brand to my Mamba. You don't realise how bad you had it until you get to the other side.

    furthermore, I had my best moment with Razer products when I received my Razer hammer pro earphone, mamba and backpack ! I started showing it to all my friend, just asking as an idiot: "It's beautiful, isn't it?!?!"

    Love u, Razer!
  4. CORALeasyTopaz641

    CORALeasyTopaz641 New Member

    Used to be a clicker on WoW, and I knew it was holding me back. First razer product I got was the razer naga. Transformed me to a hot key style of play and greatly improved my skill, and enjoyment of the game.
  5. Unkwn

    Unkwn New Member

    I'd say I'm a moderate kind of gamer.. 4hrs-8hrs per day playing League of Legends, Hearthstone and Terraria. Then the rest of day are spent browsing on my phone. Now I've gotten a bit older (a young adult), I frequently get this dry and irritated eyes. Then I remembered a friend of mine way back in college, he was using a gaming glasses. I figured why don't I get myself one, I can also use it when I'm making graphic arts. So then I messaged him and asked abt his gaming glasses' brand name, he said it was Gunnar. I searched the web and found it fast, they we're a bit expensive, but why not if it'll help me to keep my eyes healthier, then I can still play games even when i'm old in the future. So I was browsing their site, I saw they also have Razer designed Gunnar glasses, I thought to my self, this is cooler than their regular Gunnar glasses. I picked the "RPG designed by Razer Gunnar(Onyx)". And man this glasses looks very cool, the green color inside the frame makes it looks sporty, and I look like a pro when I wear them haha (but I'm not). My mom also liked it. If they didn't have gaming glasses with Razer's design, I wouldn't love it this much (it's just looks so cool). Btw, I also bought the glasses' case separately with Razer logo design on it too, just to make sure I can take good care of it. Tho, it can take some days or weeks for your eyes to adjust to the gaming glasses. Now, I feel the screen is very harsh if I don't wear this glasses, it's so.. blue.
    Now I'm planning to purchase Orochi 2015 soon (when I save enough money for it, Mamba's way too expensive for me) for my laptop, because from the reviews it's very small and travel friendly. It's also has Bluetooth feature so it would save me a port.
    Anyway that's all thank you for your time reading my story. :)
  6. Xyclos

    Xyclos New Member

    It all started with the Boomslang and Half-Life, it's been a hell of a run. keep up the good work!
  7. I always thought these "gaming" accessories were just for show, until a friend of mine gave me a Razer DeathAdder, now I can't live without it! :D
  8. xSuzy

    xSuzy New Member

    I still remember my first Razer product. It was the gaming mouse, Razer Abyssus. That's when I truly got into the gaming spirit and I remember playing countless hours of counter strike. Few years down the line, I've fallen in love with Razer products and I have multiple products ranging from gaming mice to keyboard and even 3 pairs of in-ear earphones (Adaro, Hammerhead Pro, Hammerhead V2). To me, the greatest memory of Razer is every. single. one.
  9. Nebbie

    Nebbie New Member

    Getting my first Razer product, 10 years ago. It all started with a small, portable mouse cloth pad. It has now grown to 2 keyboards, 3 mouse pads, and 3 Razer mouse, 1 hammerhead pro (first gen) and many more to come! Just don't play as well without my Razer pheripherals!!
  10. Pheonixstar

    Pheonixstar New Member

    Bought my very first Naga classic which helped me up my gameplay and as a result beat the hardest boss at the time Gul'dan with a guild called Heima (meaning home). Home is how I feel with razer insider and razer products.
  11. I saved up for my first Razer mouse for months once it was announced. The Mamba was the best mouse I have ever had the pleasure of using. Thanks for making products that we will never forget!
  12. NemuiDesu

    NemuiDesu New Member

    That day I purchased my first ever Razer Device: The RΛZΞR Blackwidow CHROMA

    I was on my way to the nearest local store. The weather was too cloudy, but I was too excited to care.
    After a while the sky got tar-black. It started raining. I was like hugging the package while running on my way home.
    When I finally got home, I did the unboxing and plugged in the keyboard. I even had the Synapse ready earlier that day.
    After that moment all I can remember was that epic tactile switch click [Green switches ofc] and the sound of comforting rain. Oh.. and the rainbow chroma effect too.

    2 years later and I'm typing with the exact same keyboard for the Razer entry!
    It still feels as exciting to type as day 1.

    Thank you Razer and good luck everyone!
  13. acapellman

    acapellman New Member

    The day I got my awesome Razer mouse with Chroma lighting. Now own the matching keyboard, mousepad, desktop tower all with Chroma lighting.
  14. pordigy86

    pordigy86 New Member

    Well, I used to have some normal logitech mouse as my gaming mouse and I've wonder why am I losing in pvp until I found razer macro..

    My first razer products is Razer Mamba.. started to fell in love with the macro, then moving on falling in love with the products LED.. spent a ton of money and now my whole table is full of razer products..

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  15. 45426

    45426 New Member

    The momeny when i won Razer QcK pad on facebook
  16. KZol102

    KZol102 New Member

    My first razer product was a razer mamba TE (which I'm using right now), and man was I satisfied with that? I'll tell you I was, I'm purchased a razer goliathus for it, and it's just as amazing! Thank you razer! ;)
  17. Earththing

    Earththing New Member

    I think the first Razer product I got was a gaming mouse that you all made for Microsoft. it was an awesome mouse that I used for MANY years. So when it finally bit the dust, I had to get another Razer Mouse and it is also AWESOME. :)
  18. TitanTMcx

    TitanTMcx New Member

    My favorite moment definitely is when you guys released the razer core, i have a custom pc but it was cool to see something like that, truly unique and cool.
  19. s6310

    s6310 New Member

    I wish to have something of the best company Razer so i will enter this giveaway to try my luck and get a Razer mouse :)
  20. hunter_really

    hunter_really New Member

    My Razer blackwidow was my first mechanical keyboard and took my gaming and typing to a new level.
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