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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by abel3189, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. abel3189

    abel3189 New Member

    Hi folks, I've been a Mad Catz user for quite some time. I have a RAT 7 mouse, a Cyborg V7 keyboard and a Tritton Pro 5.1 headset.

    I was happy with all of them for about a year, but then the problems started. The Tritton Pro 5.1 broke just with a "normal" use (I use them everyday in a normal way but they are not well thought and the headband of the headset ends up breaking), and after a month or so, I got them replaced thanks to the warranty.

    Now, a few months later, my RAT 7 has died. I was not eager to buy another mouse from Mad Catz, so I started looking for a new mouse when I stumbled upon the Razer Ouroboros. I like it, as it is the closest in customization to the RAT 7, even though it's a bit pricey. I checked the other mice from Razer, but I didn't see any other like the Ouroboros. Is it a good choice?

    As I had a bit of free time I checked the headset and keyboards too. The Kraken 7.1 caught my eye really quick as they seem to be more robust than my Tritton, because the headband doesn't seem to be all plastic but I'm not really sure, and I don't know if it's a good change. Anyone that has the Kraken 7.1 can shed some light on this matter?

    And about the BlackWidow Ultimate Classic, is it only with US layout? Will it be available with spanish layout?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. MisterSlyer

    MisterSlyer New Member

    Kraken 7.1 is almost exactly the same as a kraken pro with razer surround software and that'd probably cost less than the kraken 7.1. Personally use a kraken pro with razer virtual surround and I love it! Without the virtual surround bass is way too strong but the surround evens things out a lot. Either way they are EXTREMELY comfortable and durable. Ear cups and headband are cushioned well and I forget it's on!

    As far as the Ouroboros I love mine. Replaced my original deathadder! I palm my mouse and it makes the buttons really easy to hit on the side. I will say I don't use the dpi precision button or the wireless as I found the battery made it too heavy for my taste but I still love it wired and I'm sure wireless is awesome if you can handle the weight as it was really responsive. The fact it uses rechargeable AA is also convenient for switching.

    As far as the Blackwidow I can't comment on a Spanish layout. I know my cousin uses my Blackwidow Stealth and loves it. Sadly, I couldn't adjust to not having a wrist rest so I use a Deathstalker.

    Overall I will say I have owned more Razer products than I can count on two hands and only ONE was bad and that was my Lycosa which would randomly stop registering key presses. From mice to keyboards, headsets to the new Razer h440 pc case, all have worked amazingly and even my old deathadder still works and my cousin uses it with the Blackwidow Stealth, so I'd say your products will last you. Hopefully some of this is helpful!
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  3. Jayxe

    Jayxe Member

    I have 4 different Razer headsets. Tiamat 7.1, Kraken 7.1, Blackshark, and Carcharias.
    As far as comfortable factor goes, I would list black shark and tiamat a close #1. Then carcharias followed by kraken. I just felt the kraken put too much pressure on my jaw line, and the depth of the ear cups wasn't deep enough so my ears rested on the inner hard plastic, causing more pain. My favorite is the black shark by far because of the quality of everything. Incredibly comfortable, sounds great, and isn't heavy, but is very durable. Only problem is there is no mute anywhere on the headset. If that's a concern, go for the tiamat. Equal quality all around + 7.1 surround.
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  4. I bought the kraken pro and use it with the razer surround software and can't complain, I've tried a proper 7.1 headset but I couldn't really tell the difference. I'm not entirely sure what the top band is made up of, but it is quite solid/sturdy
  5. Mitchie151

    Mitchie151 New Member

    The Ourobouros is meant to be an excellent mouse. It's customization is similar to the RAT mice, but it is an ambidextrous mouse. Personally I think I would rather a right handed mouse like the Deathadder, or in my case Razer Naga for the extra buttons.

    I can't say for sure about the Blackwidow Classic (or Ultimate) being available with a Spanish keyboard layout. I'd imagine your mechanical keyboard options would be limited on that front anyway, no? I'd certainly wait for a more reliable source before making your decision.

    As far as the Kraken 7.1 goes, I have heard that it is by far Razer's most reliable 7.1 headset. I have heard mixed reviews of the Tiamat, many saying that cramming that many drivers into the headset results in the use of cheaper drivers that sound worse than an emulated 7.1 headset with very good drivers. I think the Kraken is the safest option.
  6. Hirgaki

    Hirgaki Member

    Just my 2c, if you only use your headphones for gaming, the kraken is a great choice but only for gaming and not any other uses such as for music as its bass heavy
  7. Mitchie151

    Mitchie151 New Member

    Using them for gaming is the very reason you would buy any gaming headset. The other reason being that gaming heasets often provide the very best positional audio. If you want truly excellent sound for music exclusively, you should be looking at audio companies like Sennheiser and going for a clip on mic. You would be significantly losing out on that positional audio however. Every gaming headset has it's flaws as far as music goes.
  8. Hirgaki

    Hirgaki Member

    He may be finding one that he can use daily for everything, thats why i said that, nothing wrong with buying a gaming headset just for gaming.

    If there's only 1 driver, does positional audio really matter? That is why razer surround exists right?
  9. Mitchie151

    Mitchie151 New Member

    Razer surround is fine. A lot of music headsets just can't accurately reproduce positional audio. Razer surround does it's best to correct that, but it's far from perfect. In competitive games, getting a gaming headset that has native support for surround sound is a really good idea. If you're a casual gamer though, playing mostly single player or cooperative games, surround sound wont do much for you.
  10. Hirgaki

    Hirgaki Member

    Most "gaming headsets" have 1 driver each side, so do the ones for music, how does gaming headsets reproduce positional audio more accurately? I am pretty sure they are the same...
  11. Mitchie151

    Mitchie151 New Member

    There are many other factors as well. Gaming headsets are often bass heavy for gunshots/explosions whatever. You miss out on a lot of that upper range. The sound stage is also very close. It all depends on what you're looking for. Gaming headsets are made for gaming and do the job well. Personally I think that an audiophile/upper range headset with a clip on mic is significantly better value for money, but a gaming headset is a very good all in one solution that does its job well. Razer products fit that bill, which is why I suggest that the Kraken 7.1 is a good investment, as the audio quality is said to be significantly better than the Tiamat.
  12. Hirgaki

    Hirgaki Member

    That is why i said get a kraken if you are using it only for gaming? The bass is really only to make it seem more "realistic" and immersive and what do you mean by "the sound stage is really close"?

    In my opinion, having used the electra and kraken pro, "gaming headsets" are more of a marketing term more than anything else. The added bass does make it seem like you are really fighting in an FPS say BF4 but only to such an extent and its not really an "all in one solution" if its only good at gaming.

    My stand being: Buy a kraken and use it only for gaming, dont even try music. A "music" headphone which is more balanced can reproduce the same or even better sound stage with better quality sound (in terms of how balanced it is) as it is what it is tuned for.

  13. Do you like the Blackshark's mic? Is this headset really "soundproof"?
  14. abel3189

    abel3189 New Member

    After reading all the comments, and doing a bit more of research, I ended up ordering the Ouroboros today. I found the thumb and pinky rests on my RAT 7 really useful and the Ouroboros is the only Razer mouse that has them. Yes, I could have bought the Naga for its many buttons, but I don't really like having so much things on the mouse, and I'd probably never use them.

    I checked the page of a retailer where I usually buy things and saw that the Blackwidow Ultimate with Spanish layout is supposed to be out next week. That's why I was wondering about the classic, but now that I've seen the Razer web store with more calm, it seems to be only with US layout. I'll have to settle with the Ultimate. The DeathStalker looks cool, but I don't like the response of those "flat" keyboards, and I've been looking to switch to a mechanical keyboard for some time.

    As for the Kraken 7.1, I didn't saw that it was virtual 7.1. My Pro 5.1 have 4 speakers in each earcup to make a true surround system and it works really well, and I'm so used to it that I don't even think of getting ones with virtual surround. I don't know how good is the Razer virtual surround software, but the headsets that I tried with virtual surround from other makes were not so good as the Tritton.
    The BlackShark seem good, but they have 1 speaker per earcup.
    I saw that the Tiamat 7.1 have 5 speakers in each earcup, and that makes them the best replacement in paper, but after seeing some reviews many say that they are not very good. I'm not sure what to think about them, and they are a bit expensive to risk buying them. I don't need to replace my Tritton right away, so I'll probably wait for a good offer to think about buying them.

    Thank you guys for all the replys.
  15. Key, aside from all the suggestions, you gotta explain to me the love for those extreme-looking mice. Madcatz just looks like a transformer might come out off it. Not to bust your love for them, only curious. :D Even the Ouroboros comes very close on that crazy-like.
  16. abel3189

    abel3189 New Member

    Well, I'm a Lambo lover, maybe that answers you ;)
    Now being serious, my hands are quite small, and my wrists are quite done for (playing piano, working as a programmer and playing videogames in a PC, add a lot of stress to them), so I normally use a palm rest (now I'm using the one in the Razer Vespula), and when the pain in my wrist starts getting worse I use an orthopedic wristband. The wristband makes it hard to use a normal mouse, so I use two different settings of the RAT 7, one when I use the wristband, and when I'm not using it. That's the other main reason why I went for the Ouroboros.

    So it's more because of a need than a simple whim :D
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