[Insider] CES 2017 Appreciation Event

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 12, 2017.

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  1. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Anything in the store except systems, Core, and OSVR. Don't overthink things :)
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  2. Tereezy

    Tereezy Member

    Debating on what to get- MAMBA , MAN O WAR OR Tournament Keyboard RGB
  3. ZyD86

    ZyD86 New Member

    Quick Question Here..
    Is it only one item per checkout (transaction) or;
    We can add multiple items but only one of it get the 50% Discount?

    I need to know, cause i need to meet the minimum amount set by my card to eligible with their monthly plan.
  4. Danintator121

    Danintator121 New Member

    Razer CES 2017 Fan Appreciation Event – Terms and Conditions
    • Each customer/shipping destination is allowed to place only one (1) order with a maximum of one (1) item.
    • Only the first order from each customer/shipping destination will be accepted and any subsequent orders will be cancelled.

      Everyone please READ before you ask any further questions. This question has been answered.....more times than I can count
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  5. ninen4

    ninen4 New Member

    Anyone here from the philippines tried purchasing online? How was the shipping? door-to-door or through the local post office?

    I can also ship it to a friends house in the states but I tried the north american razer store and in the billing address (must match credit card address), I cant change the country.. T_T
  6. chieming

    chieming New Member

    Gonna set the alarm to wake me up in advance.. haha
  7. 7h0r_no_id

    7h0r_no_id New Member

    I dont receive any code and i push button in valid period time... :slightly_sad:
  8. Danintator121

    Danintator121 New Member

    "To qualify for the upcoming CES Fan Appreciation Event, you will have to own a Razer ID and be on Razer Insider by Jan 13, 6:00PM PDT / Jan 14, 3:00AM CET, there-on subsequent new members will not be eligible to claim the code."

    You may have been late or did not meet the requirements to receive a code or the system might have closed the qualifications early. All of this is an attempt by Razer to make the Appreciation Event more(not entirely) exclusive for loyal members so customers can have a better chance at successfully purchasing the items they want.

    Better luck next year :) But for now, stick around & welcome to Razer Insider. Razer has lots of rewards, discounts and promotions throughout the year!
  9. FixIlDiavolo

    FixIlDiavolo New Member

    I'm waiting for blackwidow stealth to go with my mamba... good chance!
  10. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    So he tried to get his code and couldn't? I didn't think it said that you couldn't get a code after a specific date (other than the event date), just that you had to have had a Razer ID and join Razer Insider by then. All previous Insider members should be able to get a code any time still.

    If he really had a Razer ID and was an Insider member, I'd have him contact one of the Razer staff ASAP.

    Not sure where you guys are getting your info from. The rules state that you can retrieve your code THROUGH the event, meaning that the button should still work for those that qualify and haven't gotten their code yet.
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  11. DiabolikMind

    DiabolikMind Member

    That's right.
    Already solved, he actually redeemed his code yesterday.
  12. 14071996

    14071996 New Member

    To see if I understand, if I buy the keyboard "ornata chroma" that costs € 109.99 with the code will cost me € 54.99 and the minimum for free shipping is € 59, can not I add anything to have free shipping?

    Last year I bought two products and both with a 50% discount
  13. any news?

    the question was this:
    >>i got no answer, so i will post again this:
    when the promotion opens and if i will be in australia, then can i order with the promo code and the item be sent to my european house from the razer european warehouse?<<
  14. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    I replied to you already. Where you are has no bearing whatsoever from what store you can order from. The internet has no address!

    Order from whatever store is in the same region as your card and address - if that is Europe, great! You can be ordering from the top of Mt. Everest (good luck with the wifi...) and as long as your billing and shipping address are the same, and in the shipping zone for a particular store, that's all that is needed.

    Not sure what the difficulty in comprehension is.
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  15. what if i want to buy some item for my friend? then in this case the billing address is not the same as the shipping address.
  16. Fusion2020

    Fusion2020 New Member

    Ship it to yourself and then upon arrival deliver/ship it to your friend.

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  17. UnitedB

    UnitedB New Member

    Just posting to say thanks Razer! Best of luck to everyone and may the best internet connection win.
  18. eugenews

    eugenews Active Member

    I may be wrong but i don't think billing address matters for the usage of the discount code.
  19. 27SilentChaos

    27SilentChaos Active Member

    I'm a tad bit dissapointed in this year upcoming Appreciation sale. I mean i'm not complaining, you guys are doing an awesome thing! The problem is the lack of products displayed in my store region. I was looking forward for the Leviathan speakers but i'm unable to find them in the Asia Pacific online store. So yeah, a tad bit dissapointed this round. But GL HF to everyone! Hope you guys got the items you want!
  20. mikohatp

    mikohatp New Member

    Orbweaver Chroma FTW can't wait for 10 am
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