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Left / right channels all mixed up and auto rotation issues

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by quickvoiceKeppel332, May 31, 2018.

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  1. quickvoiceKeppel332

    quickvoiceKeppel332 New Member

    Ever since I have had this phone it's bugged me that when the screen auto rotates it always rotates the wrong way so the volume buttons are on the bottom of the phone and the left / right channels are the wrong way around. Also with the Oreo update came a newer version of the Dolby Atmos app. If you watch the demo the sound from the speakers is reversed to where the sound should be coming from from the picture on the screen !

    Also, when I use Bluetooth headphones the sound comes out of the wrong channels, the headphone marked left has the right hand side sound coming through !

    One more thing, should the sound swap channels when the screen is rotated ?
  2. Cross_SinZ

    Cross_SinZ New Member

    Bro about your problem everyone is experiencing right now. I even open a Thread and someone also did previously.

    One thing I can suggest at them moment is try download an app called " Rotation " from Play Store.
    This app is able to force those app that are unable to rotate such as Dolby Atmos etc.
    Do let me know you have any better solution.
  3. quickvoiceKeppel332

    quickvoiceKeppel332 New Member

    Thanks for the tip. Just installed the rotation app which makes things better. Hope they come up with a solution to the problems, HTC can do it so I'm sure Razer can
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