My razer huntsman mini has a debounce time of 0.022s??? Help?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by dxnyfishy, Apr 30, 2022.

  1. dxnyfishy

    dxnyfishy New Member

    I checked using and the lowest it could go is 22ms and using synapses macro tool, and the lowest key release delay when recording is 0.022s? This means It has a debounce time of 0.022. How can I change this/fix this? Other people have had this issue.
  2. redbiggi2022

    redbiggi2022 New Member

    I have the Blackwidow V3 Pro and some keys while i am typing i press one time but get 2-3 letters. It is just a few keys but it is very annoying having to keep always an eye on the monitor and check if the text is ok because i work for an online company and have to ask always for customer number or order number it is much of importance to type korrekt. Is this the issue you are describing? Anyone knowing if i t is a warranty issue, software or hardware issue?? I wanna try tu return it but i dont know if it will be accepted.
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