New ANC USB-C Headphones - Inline remote limited function

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by zybisko, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. zybisko

    zybisko New Member

    I have the new ANC headphones, using them now for a week on my Razer Phone 1 -
    however I find the inline remote does not function as intended. Volume Up/Down is ok, though double/triple press of the middle button is not performing a Skip Next/Previous track as it should.
    When I press the middle button, the music track is paused/unpaused, a long press activates voice command all as it should.

    I'm using Spotify app, and have used a variety of wired/wireless headphones previously with remotes that have correctly sent skip next/previous track commands to the phone.

    Is this something others are noticing, have encountered?

    Otherwise, the noise cancellation is excellent. I walk along a busy road to the train station for my daily commute every day, and it's like walking inside a vacuum, I can't hear the cars and buses passing right next to me, and when on the train I can't hear the click-clack on the rails.
Thread Status:
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