New Razer blade (2015) thoughts and ideas

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Frankdehtank, Nov 4, 2014.



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  1. Frankdehtank

    Frankdehtank Active Member

    I know a bunch of you are really excited for the new line of Razer blades, so i thought i would make a post of what we MIGHT / hope to see in it. There are my expectations (needed and preferred). Please post what you would like to see ;)

    -(obv) An overall upgrade to hardware
    -A 900 series GPU
    -(obv) fix known problems with current gen

    -An improved screen on the 17" (idk what they can do for the 14")
    -RBG keys to match the Chroma line
    -(my preference) Lose the touch screen on the 17". (I have had the first 2 gens of the Razer blade and i'm currently on the 2nd gen and have yet to find a good use for the touch screen. I just put on the computer stat app because that's the only thing i find somewhat useful lol)
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  2. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Razer makes a 17" and a 14", not a 15".
  3. 44_urby_44

    44_urby_44 Member

    Thunderbolt 2 port / external dock for the blade with many other ports (the ones that don't fit on the Blade's thin design like a LAN port for example and more USB ports...). I don't care about Blade's keyboard lighting. I'm using blackwidow chroma anyway.
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  4. ThePsyciopath

    ThePsyciopath Member

    I would also like to see a budget blade, with less powerful specs but more affordable for someone who doesn't have a ton of money.
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    dIScRAZYgINGER Active Member

    An upgradeable blade where everything is not soldered to the MoBo would me nice
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  6. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    Not really possible with the sleek design and laptop.
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  7. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    I think this could be done, in a 11.6" form factor.

    Similar to how the Razer Edge was much cheaper than a Razer Blade or Blade Pro.
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  8. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    I just copied this post that I wrote on another discussion but I think it would be what razer should do without totally changing much.
    I figure Razer should do the rgb keyboard because it is a good idea but as like a $50 option because it is not really needed but I think you guys really like it. I have a razer blade and I really don't think that they should put a mechanical keyboard because the whole point of the notebook is portability, power and a bad ass looking pc and the mechanical keyboard would ruin all 3 points. Plus if you really need one you could bring it separate. In my opinion logical upgrades would be 16 GB of ram, the GTX 970m with 4-6 GB of video ram and for them to try there hardest to improve cooling. It's a really good computer but something that would be really nice would be if they added a display port and thunderbolt port instead of HDMI because those two ports are smaller, much better output and can be easily adapted. The last thing would be if razer added a separate microphone jack in addition to there aidio/mic combo so people with separate audio and mic cables can plug there stuff in (its not really a big deal but would be nice to see).
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    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    I Razer would add a few more spots that light up (Chroma line of course). At first I wanted mechanical keys, but then I read the post above and am no longer sure...
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  10. Chakafurious

    Chakafurious New Member

    Hi, in my view the key improvement to apply on 2015 Razer Blade 14' is to add a mini display port output. Screen is QHD+, great, and I would expect to connect a 4K monitor/TV and get at least 3200x1800 screen resolution. Of course if 4K is doable by the GPU, 3 840 × 2 160 output is even better.
    In addition : adding an ethernet port, sd card reader? (there's plenty space on both lateral sides)
    That way Razer Blade can fully compete with Aorus X3+ & Asus GX500.
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  11. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    I totally agree. I am not sure if they can but some time in the near future I would like to see multiple graphics and may be for home a graphics amplifier like what alien ware did only it wouldn't need a proprietary connection, it would just use the power port.
  12. PEABOY_no_id

    PEABOY_no_id New Member

    I would like to have a laptop with RAM of 16 GB like razor blade pro 17" and screen like razor blade 2014 and also thin
  13. 44_urby_44

    44_urby_44 Member

    It is RazEr not RazOr!!!
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  14. BrandonJCScott

    BrandonJCScott Active Member

    I'd love to see a better screen resolution on the Blade Pro. I absolutely love using it on the go, it gives me so much screen estate, but I would really like a 3K display like the 14".
  15. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Regardless of what the stats are ... the only change I'd make to the new Razer Blade is that I think they should give me one to Q/A test! LOL =D
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  16. ThHee

    ThHee Member

    The new edge will fit what you want. Hopefully razer is still planning to make new edge.
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  17. KarMa_0

    KarMa_0 New Member

    Please god add SEPERATE ports for headphone and mic not just one mashed together one! Would make things a heck of a lot easier! Also make it upgradablle if you could, I love the slick design of the blade but it would be great if I could just add a little bit of RAM or bigger hardrive or maybe even a different processor. Also even if you wouldn't be able to make it upgradable it would be amazing if you could make it so the battery itself was ejectable. I normally leave my laptop plugged in when I'm playing, or even browsing, and over time leaving the battery in for too long it eventually gets fried, so if I could take it out until I actually need to use it like if I go traveling or something so it doesn't get fried...that would be great. One last thing, it would be really nice would be if they added a display port and thunderbolt port instead of HDMI.

    Thanks for reading this. :)
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  18. SeasickNessie

    SeasickNessie New Member

    An upgrade to an Intel Core i7 with max 3.80Ghz speed and a NVIDIA GTX 970M or 980M - maybe even SLI.
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  19. 44_urby_44

    44_urby_44 Member

    Quick charging battery would be cool too.
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  20. SombreroAP

    SombreroAP New Member Staff Member

    Really looking forward to another 14" slim form factor blade with powerful specs. All the bells and whistles are a nice addition but for me the beauty of the blade is the pure power in the sleek design.
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