Products Razer Should Make in 2018 and in the Future

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Joel_IS_Cool, Dec 29, 2017.


Should razer make a sleeve for the Razer Blade and Blade pro? And a Razer Monitor

  1. Yes for Both

  2. No for Both

  3. Yes for Sleeve

  4. No for Sleeve

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  5. Yes for Monitor

  6. No for monitor

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  1. Joel_IS_Cool

    Joel_IS_Cool New Member

    Here is the place where you can post ideas of what Razer should make the following year (2018)
    Personally I think Razer should make
    1. A protective sleeve for the Razer Blade and Blade Pro that has a mousepad in it like the protective sleeve for the Razer Blade Stealth Sleeve (the Sleeve So Razer, PLEASE MAKE ONE FOR THE RAZER BLADE OR BLADE PRO I would buy one right away so, if you want to make profit MAKE ONE PLS!!

    Feel free to post your ideas here!
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  2. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    I think it would be nice if they made a bigger sleeve for the other laptops as well, since they are laptops and many people end up buying third party sleeves or bags to carry them around with.

    I know it is also a bit far fetched, but I would kind of like a 14 inch blade stealth as well. I think 13 inches would be a bit too small for me and I would like to buy a Razer Laptop for school in the future, the macbook pro has that bigger screen though, but hey, we can only hope :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

    Razer does make a monitor with Lenovo, as far as I know it is a 27 Inch 1080p Monitor with GSync and 144Hz, and it is curved, but it is hard to find them anywhere other then Lenovo's site and it is not even that detailed on there either. It would be nice to see something with Chroma Lighting by Razer, I would like to see USB Ports built in as well.

    Maybe it will become a thing someday. They do take suggestions from us on here, many people wanted the Chroma HDK Light Strips for a while now and then they released them some day, I think we might have had a part of getting those out there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
  3. Joel_IS_Cool

    Joel_IS_Cool New Member

    What I meant for razer monitor was that I think Razer should make their own momitors with chroma lighting like everywhere and that would be amazing because everytime you want chroma lighting you gotta buy seperate attachments. There is also the razer chroma development kit, but it’s too costly
  4. Magnumheart_

    Magnumheart_ Well-Known Member

    I would really love to see Razer's own take for gaming monitors.
    I hope they bring in good Chroma lighting that will make their monitor truly unique.

    If ever they did create their first monitor, I would like to see different variants that will fit different gaming setups for 4k and 1080p resolutions.
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  5. Leehm

    Leehm Active Member

    A Razer branded RGB desktop table.
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  6. emi_bat

    emi_bat New Member

    Zouk laptop bags are good for carrying your laptop.
  7. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    I used to want a Razer monitor but they'd need to make about so many to cover the market (60hz 1080, 240hz 1080, 144hz 1440, 144hz 4k eventually) and then in different sizes and then double that for freesync/gync.
    It'd still be cool, but idk if it'll happen.

    I think most people now will just put 4 HDK strips on the back of monitor.
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