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Razer Blade 2017 + Ubuntu + Two external monitors

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by dejan7, Sep 26, 2017.

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  1. dejan7_no_id

    dejan7_no_id New Member

    I'm thinking about getting Blade, but i'm really not sure if this will work without issues. Has anybody made this work successfully? Which hardware parts exactly did you get (hubs etc)? Thanks
  2. moreammo

    moreammo New Member

    Not the same system but I am using the 2017 stealth and running two external monitors. I am running Ubuntu 17.04 plus a Mantiz Venus eGPU with GTX 1060. I plug in a single USB-C cable and get power, multiple USB 3.1 ports, 1GB Ethernet and a GPU capable of pushing 4 monitors (I am only running two). It works pretty well. My only complaint is You cant hotplug or unplug in this config as you could with windows. I turn on my system then set the nvidia-settings to use the GTX1060 then reboot to get my external monitors (you could script this on start up I suppose). Then I have to shutdown before unplugging to avoid a kernel panic.

    Prior to this setup I ran two external monitors using the on board hdmi and thunderbolt 3 to run the monitors. That worked great with no issues.

    Hope this helps
  3. oh_Henry

    oh_Henry New Member

    Just to be sure, you're only using the two external monitors and not using the laptop monitor itself?

    I haven't heard of Mantiz before-- Do you happen to know if any of the other docks (Zeus/Atlas) will work with Linux? Thus far, even prior to getting my Razer laptop, I haven't had much luck finding a solid docking-station that plays nice with Linux.
  4. moreammo

    moreammo New Member

    I am using all three. two external and the internal.

    the only annoying part is the work flow, some of which could be scripted but it's not that bad so I have not bothered.

    I plug the computer into the single USB-C cable. turn it on. bring up a terminal. type in nvidia-settings. select the eGPU. save and reboot. when it comes up it sees all three monitors and properly configures the layout. When I am done for the day I have to shut it down before unplugging it.

    unplugging before turning off results in a seriously panicked kernel.

    Works great though. I love it.
  5. moreammo

    moreammo New Member

    to answer your other question, I have not found another dock that worked well for me in linux. This was the first.
  6. KazWolfe_

    KazWolfe_ New Member

    As of now, Thunderbolt 3 support with Linux is very shoddy and prone to breakage. While Kernel 4.13 introduced some much-needed changes that made it work, we're still a long way off from parity with Windows on this.

    That said, I've found the Dell TB16 dock to work acceptably under Ubuntu 16.04 (though not on my Blade - haven't tried). It definitely likes crashing frequently (and bringing down my entire system as a result), but it at least proves there's some support there.

    I'd guess we really just need to try our luck. I have high hopes for the Core.
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