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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Charley12, Apr 3, 2017.

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  1. Charley12

    Charley12 New Member


    I bought Razer Core and honestly I was surprised by "buzzing" sound the Core is emitting even when there is no GPU.

    Please, have a look on this video where I tried to capture the noise https://streamable.com/zpxua

    I have sent this issue to Razer support and they responded, in short - its normal, your Core is OK.
    I still cant believe that "is normal", please can you confirm or disprove that buzzing sound is normal?

    Beside this issue, the idea of Core is great and I love it, but the buzzing sound is frustrating when I work at night and I don't want to disconnect Core (to get rid of the noise) and reconnect mouse, headphones...etc to Blade directly.

    Thank you!
  2. gnarrrl

    gnarrrl New Member

    I had the same issue, The buzzing noise even when idle comes from the fan in the back of the unit. The others do not humm and buzz like that one, but are still loud. That this is considered "works as designed" only tells me that the design itself is flawed.

    I´m copy/pasting my findings and resolution to this issue from my other thread, maybe you want to apply the same workaround. Note that running the unit outside of the enclosure is as simple as attaching the permanent magnet that is screwed to the back of the enclosure to the back of the rail instead.

    - The Core itself is unbearably loud, plus the fan in the back sounds borderline broken.

    Out of the box it was practically unusable for me due to the horrible noise of the enclosure fans. After tinkering around for a while I found the culprit to be that the power supply is heating up a lot due to the hot air released from the graphics card (980ti reference blower style card) inside the enclosure, which prompts all fans to spin up like mad with little effect, as they are all tiny. The fix that finally silenced that leaf blower in a box was to disconnect all 3 fans on the bottom and run it outside the enclosure. It's not pretty, especially when considering the price, but it works just fine. Cool and quiet.
  3. Charley12

    Charley12 New Member

    To be honest, I was expecting more from Core which costs around 500 bucks. Core looks great and I don't want to run it outside of the enclosure (I like clean desk), I don't want to accept this as solution, because the price of Core.

    Im okay with pure fan (airflow) noise, but this buzzing is really annoying and I just cant focus on work. But I bought the Core to speedup my work and it does in terms of speed, but the price (buzzing, some USB issues) is high and it sucks the official solution is - its okay.

    Only solution is maybe to return the Core and buy Asus ROG XG2, even I dont like the design (its too much "gaming") but hopefully it will work without buzzing noise in idle. But still, it sucks - I have many Razer products and I was patient with my Blade 1060 (I have been waiting for 2 fixes to fix coil whine and fans) and its nice to have products from one brand (same as I have products from Apple).

    Im not sure what to do next...
  4. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl

    Try contacting our support team about the buzzing noise you hear from your Razer Core. You can contact our team at http://rzr.to/help to see if it is common or not to hear that noise.
  5. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    Looks like he already did, and they said it was normal.
  6. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl

    Woops, didn't read that part. That's my bad.

  7. Glad I found this thread. Biggest flaw and disappointment are the fans and the location of the TB3 port. I see myself having the Core for awhile. I have considered changing the fans or power supply to quiet it. As of now headphones are suggested when at load.

    How long have you ran it this way and temps are fine?
  8. gnarrrl

    gnarrrl New Member

    I ran it over the course of a 3 day LAN party, i.e. intense use, and was perfectly fine, cool and quiet. The whole point of unplugging all fans (except the one in the power supply itself) and leaving the enclosure open instead is for the power supply of the core to remain at much lower temperatures, thus preventing the pathetic fan inside from having to do much at all.
    The fans at the bottom of the core and the borderline broken one in the back are at useless positions anyway, blocked by a PCB with nothing on it that would require active cooling, and too weak to do much of anything anyway.

  9. Thank you for responding back. I have been thinking about getting a waterblock for my gpu. People are reporting very low temps after installation. Removing the case would be required to install the waterblock.
  10. Hondalife

    Hondalife New Member

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