Razer Ripsaw VS. AVerMedia's Live Gamer EXTREME (LGX), why go with Razer?

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by TheFriendlyBroski, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Hello everyone, I am sure this has been posted before or at least mentioned in other threads but I'm here today to ask a pretty simple question, why go with Razer?

    I've been looking to purchase a new capture/streaming device that allows me to not only make use of my older consoles but to also have "zero" latency gaming.
    When researching into what card I want, these two devices appeared:


    As you can see, they are around the same price, both offer USB 3.0 game capture, support for older consoles and 1080p/60FPS.
    With this, I thought it might be best to dig a little deeper and ended up finding this article here:

    Reading through the article, I was surprised to find out that its essentially the same capture device, just more expensive.
    In case you don't have time to read the article, here are some images comparing the two devices:


    And here is the statement Razer gave to the writer of the article "We work with number of external technology suppliers and developers and Ripsaw is no different. We are very pleased with the enthusiastic reception from users of Ripsaw and we are proud to be able to contribute a suite of products for game broadcasters that will improve the professionalism of the content they want to share.".

    That statement is quite vanilla and doesn't really offer up any explanation but I guess that's to be expected.
    So in the end, does it really only come down to brand preference and that's it?
    At first, I was looking to purchase the Ripsaw but since finding out there is a card that is not only cheaper but does everything the same, why go with the Ripsaw?

    If anyone has any explanations or opinions on why one would want to go with the Ripsaw, I would leave to hear it!
    I stream everyday on both YouTube and Twitch to a decently sized audience and just looking for the best capture device for not only current gen but also the generations before this one.

    Thanks for reading.
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