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Rewards reset?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DieselLag, Aug 3, 2016.

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  1. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    I wouldn't mind the Phone stand to be a free item since they don't seem to want to sell them
  2. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    Even if the rewards stay the same, i hope they at least add a new tier, since the plus sign at the bottom says "coming soon". would be sweet if they had a keyboard for a really high number of posts or something
  3. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    I thought that promo codes couldn't be used consecutively with other razer store promotions
  4. DieselLag

    DieselLag Active Member

    Does the change in rewards mean that our messages are reset?
  5. Hadesgatee

    Hadesgatee Active Member

    That would be cool indeed or a 50% discount on an item except for the laptops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    No the amount of posts stay as they are. so if you have 1 than you will still have 1 after the reset
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 4, 2016
  6. 951102075665

    951102075665 Member

    So any new updated reward announce by Razer Community?
  7. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    Now you wait for Razer to reward you with a rare pokemon!
    How does that sound?
  8. DieselLag

    DieselLag Active Member

    So if a new reward is 100 and i have like 200 does that men that i get that code?

    Id 100% be okay with that
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 5, 2016
  9. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    that would be great but how many posts would you need to get it?? like 1k posts??? i believe it'd be easier for them to add a flat discount code of about $50 or even $75
  10. Calvin343

    Calvin343 Member

    I would like to get to 200 before they reset the rewards. I am hoping that razer will continue to reward its community members and continue to make great products. I am thinking they might have new rewards coming out soon so keep a look out for them.
  11. Hadesgatee

    Hadesgatee Active Member

    Yes that is correct :) isnt that great?
  12. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    The current codes already expired, so you will have a few months once they refresh them to get to 200 post, plenty of time. Remember quality not quantity :)

    Usually it is a silent update when they refresh them, so you are best off checking the rewards page.

    Nope, the post count always carries over.

    You are correct.

    It always says coming soon, even when they had the Headphones for 120 posts for over a year.

    Normally after CES Razer issues a special promotion for a 50% discount on any product apart from systems.
  13. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Yes, that's precisely what it means.

    The rewards are in the process of currently being reset, we should see the new rewards any time now. Generally they don't change too much, so if there's something specific you really want it'll probably still be there for the next round of rewards.

    And everyone, please remember to not spam or break the rules to race to your reward goals. We do moderate very closely and will merge posts together if it's needed, delete posts that are inappropriate and issue warning points if you're spamming too quickly and not contributing enough content.

    In each of these threads I like to remind people to read the following threads just so they can refresh, or learn, the rules:

    Posting Guidelines

    The Razer Insider House Rules

    Guidelines and Tips For Posting on Razer|Insider

    This is only the case if they win "The Best Of ..." at CES, so it's not a guarantee, but it's usually very likely that they'll win.
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  14. DieselLag

    DieselLag Active Member

    Sweet now we can just hope they mix it up a bit
  15. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    It was the fifth or sixth in a row that Razer has gotten Best of CES, they normally have some pretty interesting announces saved up for then, I assume they want to keep up the streak as much as we want them to :D
  16. jthoma17

    jthoma17 Active Member

    lol i'm with you guys here. i'm catching myself checking to see if they've updated the rewards before i'm even looking at the active forums :)
  17. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    they'll win next year with the razer toaster, with chroma integration
  18. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    Well if its reset probably more not so popular items will be in the rewards. But heck so far all the stuff are pretty good anyway.
  19. yuanglai

    yuanglai Member

    just wait the reward reset and view it :D
  20. Akaki

    Akaki Member

    That would be awesome for sure.
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