[SALE OVER] [NA] CES Remedial Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. RazorRazer999

    RazorRazer999 Member

  2. leetinfoClaret169

    leetinfoClaret169 New Member

    Really appreciate the second chance sale. Didn't get the keyboard I wanted (Chroma Stealth) but still got a great deal. Time to retire the old G15 and have a keyboard to match my excellent Naga Epic.
  3. chaulklet

    chaulklet Member

    proof? I was sitting right when the sale started and it was on notify me the entire time.
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  4. larciel

    larciel New Member

    I have to say I am with many others who have been shunned by razor and its shady tactics.
    I waited for Chroma or any Ultimate keyboard. First sale, site was hammered, after 4 hours items were gone. 2-3 days after sale, items come back instock ready to ship. Now this?
    Honestly, I went into bestbuy and tried all gaming keyboards and razor chroma felt the best, but I will take my business elsewhere.
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  5. smartZomptalk454

    smartZomptalk454 New Member

    To add to this the shipping for under $59 is ridiculous. I also wanted one of the ultimate boards but of course nothing. I did manage to get one of the regular BW stealth boards during the first sale, but as I quickly saw the shipping costs nearly negated the discount. Maybe suspending shipping costs during the sale would have helped.

    on a side note, the "stealth" BW boards are about as quiet as a ninja playing a tuba. I guess that's on me too for not researching better. :confused:
  6. Have a Blade code if anyone is in need of one.
    Razer Blade thbpb6qwx
  7. sleYday

    sleYday New Member

    Damn, i could need help! i just wanted to buy something. but duo an error with my browser before paying (wanted to double check my address) i had to restart the buy, and now its telling me that my code is already used (yeah..used by me, without buying anything because it fucked up.)

    Is there anything i could do besides crying around?
  8. daslicer

    daslicer Member

    Ordered my blackwidow chroma stealth. First come, first gets
  9. smartZomptalk454

    smartZomptalk454 New Member

    Seems this has happened to a lot of people. My suggestion would be to contact support and hope for the best.
  10. BaeJooHyun

    BaeJooHyun New Member

    I don't get why people complain that everything got sold so quickly, having problems with the site. Since the beginning Razer already said the site will be slow due to high traffic and as far as I can remember they could only stock 80% something of the NA store and I'm pretty sure everyone was on the site minutes before the sale.

    It's first come first serve, people. If you were 2 seconds late then too bad. If you say you're done with Razer, just take your bullcrap somewhere else. Saying "done" because you can't get in to the 50% sale, pathetic.
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  11. NoviPro

    NoviPro New Member

    I have question i bough chroma BW on first sale still havent got email about send item ... money gone so where is my BW chroma ?
  12. sleYday

    sleYday New Member

    well in the end.. it really doesnt matter if "you really get this one item which you wanted" (for the most, the chroma)

    without razer beeing that great there would be no % at all. and noone would cry about it.
    Ofcourse, i really can understand a bit GEGEEGRRRRRR if you dont get it. but seriously, get something else. 50% is freaking huge.

    get something for a friend if you dont need something, a present, or just giveaway the code. but please. dont cry about everything is soooo bad and razer sucks..!

    :heart: razer :heart:
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  13. Bluehound

    Bluehound Member

    I Know right I Currently Own the Razer naga epic, razer blackwidow ultimate Chroma, razer leviathan, and was hoping to snag a razer Seiren this sale but I did not get it, Am I Mad? NO! I bought all the current razer products I have in FULL PRICE and I'm not complaining just because I did not get to have a chance to buy something I want for 50% off, I will buy the seiren in full Price and still support razer for their quality gaming products!

    Just because some "people" did not get what they want for the price they want does not mean a company sucks, People these days think they are "Self Entitled" for something they did not even know existed till now or do know but don't have the resources to own.

    Real Talk though buy it in full price and work for it if you really want a product!
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  14. I see, now even the old $100 off for blade was gone, quite expensive price :slightly_sad:
  15. blubreeze

    blubreeze New Member

    of course, out of stock again, guess I'll be taking my business elsewhere for my gaming stuff from now. This is pointless. I just wanted a naga epic chroma... never even notified me last sale when it was back in stock..I had to look at the page later on and found it was back. This is terrible. Why can't I order it and then ship it when its available? seems logical...
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  16. Balasar

    Balasar New Member

    This remidial sale is less organized then the orginal sale. This thread was started less then 24 hours before the sale started. No email was sent out to let the insiders know about it. And not everything was in stock at the start of this sale. What happened Razer?
    You told us that the sale would be near the end of the month. Its only the 20th, sale started on the 19th, thats not exaclty the end of the month.
    If razer insider isnt your home page,how are you supposed to know about this sale?
    Why did you even start this sale if you knew you wouldnt have stock?
    Why was no email sent to the insiders who give you their email when they sign up? If this is a customer appreciation sale,why are you trying to keep it a secret by only posting a thread about it and not telling all of your insiders?
  17. bluepinapple

    bluepinapple New Member

    Are they serious? I was never notified when the item i wanted was back in stock. There was no email about this. I just checked this right now and everything is sold out. You've got to be kidding me... i missed the first time because of the code mixup and website went down. Now this...
  18. To those upset that they didn't see the sale restart - Razer stated that the remedial sale would be announced EXCLUSIVELY through Razer Insider. I know that's why I would check the CES section daily since the first announcement.

    I wouldn't start worrying about it yet, they're probably swamped beyond belief right now. You DID get the confirmation of purchase email though, right?
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  19. Balasar

    Balasar New Member

    1. I am signed up for the razer insider email updates, which goes through razer insider.
    2.Where did they say it was going to be exclusively through razer insider? Even if I am supposed to believe they werent going to send out an email, I dont see anywhere where they said it would be posted on the forums, and the forums alone.
    3. lets say i believe that they said that and it somehow made sense to me not to send an email, why only give us less then 24 hours to prepare?
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  20. Aminojaku

    Aminojaku New Member

    Uhmm... they said right up front a week ago that the details of the second sale would be announced on Insider, which they did 2 days before it started. In that announcement they explained that some items would not be in stock and that they determined when to have the sale based on how their restock was going. In those details they very clearly stated that the start time/date would be announced EXCLUSIVELY on insider 24 hours before the start time.They did everything they said they would do. It's on you for not paying attention here like they told you to do a week ago.
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