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Table Top Games

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by soff70, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. TeRoSlaggish

    TeRoSlaggish New Member

    I like monopoly. :)
  2. Nocathegoat

    Nocathegoat Member

    Looks like you have played everything you could :S
  3. Brockton

    Brockton New Member

    You should definitely try some co-op games in your group - Eldrich Horror, Robinson Crusoe, Battlestar Gallactica. Those are fantastic table top games and make your friends to play together against the game.
  4. AxelCloris

    AxelCloris New Member

    Check out a game called Dime Stories. It's on Drive Through RPG for pretty cheap. I've played it a few times and it's always different and fun. Well worth the $5.
  5. Arstron

    Arstron New Member

    If you are a fan of Firefly, the board game is fantastic. I havnt tried playing this game with someone that isnt familiar with the series though. It is fairly in depth, games can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours depending on what end game rules you set.
  6. Kilts

    Kilts New Member

    My family and I like to play Munchkin. We have a couple of the expansions to keep it interesting. It's a good game to play when we are camping.
  7. HeroUlixes

    HeroUlixes New Member

    Quelf! Settlers of Catan! Risk! Dominion!
  8. gamertibes

    gamertibes New Member

    magic... I love magic. it is a great game with a very supportive structure.
  9. melissahsu

    melissahsu Community Specialist

    Munchkin is one of the games I love playing with my friends. The expansions are quite fun too!
  10. Munchkin is great fun.... saw at least one person suggest that and highly recommend trying it.
  11. SniperXS

    SniperXS New Member

  12. shortpower24

    shortpower24 Active Member

    Ooh, I love tabletop games! My all-time favorite is Catan; I just got Ticket to Ride Märklin Edition (Germany map) for Christmas.

    I saw a few people mention Twilight Imperium, which can be good, but, God, is it long! We had to dedicate 6-7 hours for set-up, play, and tear-down.

    Suggestions: Arkham Horror, Agricola, Cards Against Humanity (be careful here if you're in mixed company), Game of Thrones board game, Race for the Galaxy, Cosmic Encounter, Illuminati, Pandemic. Ooh, there are probably more I'm forgetting. That's the worst part of finnishing college is no more board game night :slightly_sad:
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