The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

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  1. maverickar15

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    I just reset all clocks to stock just to be able to get all-stock performance.
    -CPU; stock freq/turbo, -145.5mV undervolt
    -GPU; stock freq at lower voltage (1670 MHz @ 800mV instead of 893mV on the curve), no memory OC

    Firestrike is now 9594 and Timespy at 3741. Passed stress test on both at max 81~83C GPU so I'm good with that. (99.3% on Firestrike and 99.7% on Timespy stress test)

    So that is around -200 on Firestrike and -60 Timespy lost by dialing back GPU from 1708 to 1670 MHz (confused 1060 desktop vs 1060 mobile clocks) and 350 MHz OC on the graphics memory.

    To answer my own question - it doesn't look like Prime95 really does the stability justice for gaming. I was running prime95 for more than 20 minutes at -160.2 mV on CPU and it was fine (both max heat / power torture test), but as I said it would crash while playing games.

    3DMark stress test seems to be more representative of actual workload. Ran the stress test and even at -148mV on CPU it would say "test aborted by user" even though I didn't do anything; which was similar to "soft crashes" that I was getting when I tried to push GPU too much on stock voltage. When I went back to -145mV on the CPU 3DMark stress test ran just fine for 40 minutes and no problem playing games either.
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    Your timespy score is nice, I think I can’t reach 3700 on stock setting now. Did you have nvidia experience installed? If you want higher score on Firestrike, you can uninstall it, don’t know for now but before it decrease FS overall scores by 100~200. Every GPU even same laptops version has slightly different performance, and you have the good one imo. About undervolting, -145 without gaming issues is also nice, mine is always-120 with max CPU gaming temp never cross 81 which is okay. On stress test was higher, reached 86 though.
  3. maverickar15

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    Yes, I do have Nvidia experience uninstalled.

    I really hope MSI would update afterburner so we can change frequency settings below 800mV - I heard 1060 rarely goes above 800mV too much so undervolting isn't as effective as it would be vs 1070/1080 chips.

    Still very satisfied with this laptop after 8 months of ownership - 9500+ Firestrike on stock settings with Macbook-esque dimensions is hard to beat. Now if they would fix the trackpad issue...been using that "power button" workaround for putting the laptop to sleep but it is still a pain when I forget and just close the lid.
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    I've had my eye on the blade for a while, and I was wondering if it can handle semi-large scale data processing without overheating too much? The main data I'm working with is audio analysis through python.
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    Hey guys. So the new W10 fall update has been pushed out to us Blade owners. I've tried installing it 3 times now using Windows update and it installs and then upon restart says the install fails, and around I go back to Windows downloading 1709 again. Is it best to just download the media creator tool from MS website and do it this way?

    I am using the Update Assistant tool and it tells me "something went wrong" haha. Fantastic!

    @Jaybelga - what system are you currently using for your data processing?
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  6. Joikansai

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    It’s weird, other user with same model as you, seems could manage it. I’m outside now still can’t try it.
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    Thanks for the link. I've also tried using the 'media creation tool' and it fails to create the file. Every method fails, very weird. Maybe I can finally use the MS protection and support plan and bring it into an MS store. I don't want to delete my drive / start with a fresh install.
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    Just bought 3D Mark for $4.99 off Newegg yesterday. Can't help myself but run more tests just because. :)

    Some more data points in case people want to manage performance vs thermal expectations with some undervolting.

    (In all below cases CPU is running -145mV undervolt. Afterburner doesn't let you change frequency below 800mV so that is as low as the undervolting can go.)

    1. CPU stock turbo / GPU stock boost clocks @1671 MHz @ 800mV
    Firestrike = 9523, Max GPU temp = 80C (for some reason I couldn't get upper 9500s this time?)

    2. CPU Turbo disabled (2.8GHz) / GPU stock boost clocks @ 1671 MHz @ 800mV
    Firestrike = 9238, Max GPU temp = 74C
    Delta -285 points and 6 degrees cooler

    3. CPU Turbo disabled (2.8GHz) / GPU stock BASE clocks @ 1404 MHz @ 800mV
    Firestrike = 7015, Max GPU temp = 66C
    Delta -2508 points (Ouchy!) and 14 degrees cooler

    You can see details on CPU/GPU clocks in the 3D mark page.
    I used GPU clock specs from this page -

    Seems like running GPU intensive games with turbo disabled makes some sense if you are willing to give up slight performance for 5-6 degree drop. For me running mid-70s feel much safer than high 70/low 80 especially for extended period of time.

    Will run the same tests again tonight with Timespy and report back.
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    The issue seems is already fixed with today’s windows update, didn’t try it yet though, still on 1703, too busy gaming;). Btw you have the Blade longer than me, mine was from April, i am curious why you did test it now, is it because the full version of 3D Mark? I had Blade 2015, didn’t even measured the temp, just used it on stock, after over 2 years I heard from my buyer (it was sold to him), it still run good. I think it was also running hot like my current Blade. I think max 80 CPU GPU is okay, mine now CPU 81 and GPU 79 (max).
  10. Bangerzzz

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    When are we going to see Ryzen powered laptops?
  11. maverickar15

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    1. Yes, I just bought 3D Mark full version,
    2. I'm very OCD about the temperatures, probably because I had a gaming desktop before this laptop and my CPU / GPU temps were not even close to 80s (or even 70s) while under full load. So when I see temps at or above 70 I get worried about it.

    Also, these temps are best case temps running on my desk. I've seen temps spike to 90C when I was travelling in on airplane when it only showed low 80Cs so I like to have some overhead.

    I just don't see things lasting long when they are pushing high 80C all the time.
  12. Joikansai

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    Do you mean Razer? There’s already Ryzer Laptop from other Brands. Blade puts the mobility as priority, and nowaday Ryzen Laptop, I think has bad battery life and portability.
    Yes desktops CPU I think not as heat friendly as laptops, actually it could run without overheating until 100C, even it will throttle. But yes 90 not good for longevity. Some gaming laptops has 70er max temp but they are have room for cooling and even new max q tech that has better cooling hit over 90C on stress test (Aero 15X that has similar thin chassis and limited cooling room). So having portability kind of trade off for cooling in ultra portable gaming laptops imo.
  13. Bangerzzz

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    I know that there are other brands that have Ryzen laptops, but I'm interested in Razer as Ryzen is pretty good in their mobile form and I'm looking forward them.
  14. Joikansai

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    I see, i don’t care honestly about what CPU they are using, the most important things for me are the portability, performance and battery life since it’s a laptop and like the Blade Thema says, powerful portable perfect, and its design personally is plus point.
  15. Bangerzzz

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    Welp, awesome performance is still better than good performance.
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    Lovin' the new Razer Blade! Can't wait to get my mitts on one.:big_grin_:
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    I hope Razer announces a new Razer Blade with normal sized bezels and a better trackpad, or I'm gonna go with a Surface Book 2 and never look back.

    A lot of people said I would get used to the 2007 era bezels quickly, but the opposite is true. Over time my revulsion for them has only increased. I feel I'm being cheated out of usuable screen on a laptop that is already small to begin with. I hate editing photography on it or doing any productivity task. When I'm home I rather use my 2013 Macbook Pro which feels more modern and has a much better trackpad too. So I only carry the Razer when I travel for work just because I can game on it, it does that very well.
  19. Joikansai

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    Yes I think you should go with surface book for now if you don’t like the bezels and have budget for it, it’s nice gadget but you’ll stuck with its gtx1060 forever if you care about it, meanwhile other “modern laptops“ features TB3 for future GPU upgrade. The bezels for me personally doesn’t bother me at all since I’m looking at the screen, maybe I’m old type guy but i like bit thicker bezel on a thin Ultra portable laptop, because I feel more secure and durable for bringing it around.
  20. how disable c-state and overclock memory?