The Razer Blade Stealth & Razer Core

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    i new i wasn't the only one!!!
  2. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    Maybe Im one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately I dont get the 8hrs battery life like him.

    Seriously. Take a screenshot of your settings and I will teach you how to get 60fps on dota 2. You are probably one of those ppl who turn everything on max expecting the integrated gpu to do wonders lol.

    Turning down the graphics does not make the game "unplayable". It is still the exact same game but with no fps drops and smoother gameplay.
  3. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    I sold it months ago, but I turned off everything but basic lighting and ran it at 1080p
  4. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    OMG why did you sell it? it's such a great ultrabook.
  5. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    Bezel + battery life. Went to an XPS 15 which I eventually sold and bought a skull canyon NUC.
  6. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    I'm with you about the battery but i don't care about the bezel, I'm used to having wide bezels
  7. Zorn_

    Zorn_ Active Member

    Skull Canyon NUC is awesome if you don't need laptop portability.
  8. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    yeah and is also core compatible
  9. Waterrmelonn

    Waterrmelonn New Member

    Has anyone here tried playing World of Tanks with the stealth without the core? I'm considering getting the stealth and core, but it would be nice to be able to play it without needing to plug the core in
  10. qwertzy

    qwertzy Active Member

    Hey guys if you want full performance using the Stealth's 4k screen, you have to change the display resolution to 1080p when running firestrike extreme. Before I was getting a combined above 6000 score and graphics score of above 8000, on the native resolution.
  11. fat_boy

    fat_boy New Member

    My stealth has a sleep issue, once the stealth is in sleep mode after pressing the keys or the power button only the keyboard back light comes on and the screen is black and not turning on

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  12. 23275

    23275 New Member

    Need To Save Up Money lol
  13. Duke_Fleed_82

    Duke_Fleed_82 New Member

    Impressive! I need one!
  14. grit621

    grit621 Member

    I've been reading a few comments in places that the Razer Core has some lag in games? Can anyone who has a Core hooked up to a monitor comment? Is the display lagging? Or is it the input (mouse/keyboard) connected to the Core?
  15. sauronkoks

    sauronkoks New Member

    Great system but still no available in europe
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  16. coolvas

    coolvas New Member

    I might be getting one in just 6 days for my birthday! Hype!
  17. torrented

    torrented New Member

    I know this was posted a while ago, but I tested WoT today without core and if you put settings to the LOW default and run fullscreen at 1920x1080 it runs about 100 fps and really doesn't look bad... medium settings is about 25 fps... I like to run it low anyways on the stealth... also make sure power options is set to high performance

    edit* I have the 1440p model
  18. Semmoi

    Semmoi New Member

    I just ordered the stealth a few days ago, very excited! although not sure on how long order processing may take, anybody know? I would love to get the core but its expensive and doesn't even come with the graphics card and that sucks so maybe a future thing. But razer did i great thing with this laptop!! Very impressive.
  19. grit621

    grit621 Member

    You can get it from "tomorrow" AND with a better return policy.
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