The Razer Core V2

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    I think the USB improvements in v2 are overblown. My Focusrite still has issues with the v2 just like the v1 or any other hub. There are some improvements to pci-e lane separation with extra circuitry, but it's still ultimately a hub on a hub on a... Meanwhile, kb/mouse and storage devices work as well on the v1 as they do on the v2. The whole USB thing sounded from the beginning like FAKE NEWS from people who haven't used both products, or at least used v1 extensively with different devices.

    However, the fans are quieter with v1.
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    Look at, someone ordered Core v2 to smack down with v1.
    Isn’t Fan behavior can be improved with software update like on Blades line? I think because it’s new they will look at the issues and fix it through update.
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    Looks like a no-go on some drop in fan replacements... they are 4 wire and 60x60x10mm thick.

    The good news is it doesn't really care if the fans are unplugged and it will happily cook itself to death with no fan plugged in. So you could wire up some quieter fans to a different power source, and leave the original fans disconnected. This also saves the trouble of trying to figure out which vendor and PN to order for the plugs, and you can keep the original fans to reinstall later.

    This fan would be a good candidate for somebody to go down that route. Only 17 dBA and 2300rpm. I think at this point I'd cross my fingers and toes to see a software fix from the mothership first. I don't know what those fans are cooling beyond providing air from the bottom to the GPU, but I bet there's a VRM to power the laptop and probably some other misc crap. It probably needs some airflow, but not the hurricane currently provided.

    Because as was mentioned above, "Razer Support claims that’s normal and isn’t something they can fix."

    They could fix it in 5 minutes with a software update. But! That would require them to admit there's a problem first. The pessimist in me says the headlining feature of 2018's core v3 will be quieter fans.

    If I had an overclocked nvidia titan running furmark for hours on end I could understand it making this much noise. But a piddly 75w quadro idling at the desktop... seems like something isn't right here. The insulting part is that the fans don't run at a constant speed, they rev up and down like some dumbass teenager on a motorbike.

    There's also a 2-pin header on the LED board (where the fans are plugged into) that is labeled "thermal sensor" and it looks like it runs up into to the PSU. If it's an analog signal it would be pretty easy to... er, "condition", so the fans run at a more reasonable speed.
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    I put up a short video so others can hear the noise for themselves. It's quite impressive.
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    Can you download dB measure on your phone and put your phone on the core, I’d like to know how loud is it, compared to my Blade or my PS4 under heavy load. Btw my Blade playing PUBG max at 48dB (put the phone directly above the fan)
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    Sure, I tried "Decibel Sound Meter Pro" on iphone 7... I put my phone on the desk 6" away from the core with the mike facing towards the core. It recorded 63 dB-A and it has a cute spectrum chart (attached).

    IDK how accurate that is (obviously, the distance makes a big difference, and I wouldnt trust a free app on a phone too much...) but it sounds about right. Right under the core pegs the meter at 80 dba, and a few feet away where my ear sits it’s around 51 dba.

    Keep in mind the way decibels work, power is doubled for every 3 db. It's a logarithmic scale.

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    It’s loud, ear level 51db. If it’s not only your core, they should fix it before poeple on egpu io, or website review find it.
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    Hopefully Surfer and TK will chime in and at least confirm that their v2 sounds similar to mine when idle. Most people are probably using it for gaming. So on the one hand, they have fitted a much more powerful GPU. On the other hand, they are probably also wearing headphones. However, it's not merely the SPL that is annoying but the fact that is a high pitched whine that changes as the fans rev up and down.

    If I could find a 4 wire fan that was near-silent I would try to fit it. It's an odd size to be looking for, and obviously if I fit the same or even noisier fan that isn't going to solve the issue.

    Not to mention there's more than a few steps involved with disassembly just to get access. I'm not too concerned about warranty, but what worries me is if I replace the fans with quiet 2-wire, and then a software update fixes the noise problems... (a) I'll have done the modification for nothing, and (b) there is a chance they will add RPM monitoring and my core will stop working until I put the old fans back in. Of course there is also the concern about overheating :oops:

    It may not even be software-controlled, or at least updateable. The fan speed may be baked into a chip somewhere that isn't controlled by firmware. It would be neat if a real Razer person could confirm the possibility of a fix and not a support droid.
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    I don’t have the core, but when I play around with it at gamescom, it’s like Razers System, on synapse I didn’t look really deep, only checked the chroma profile, but maybe it could be controlled through it, like power options on Blades Fans Control, Auto, low or high.
    He’s busy considering to get quad core stealth to swap his 14;)
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    The only options in synapse are the internal and external lighting. Being able to turn on "quiet mode" would be a great advantage, but I really think it's unnecessary. Surely if such an option were possible, they could also make the fans as quiet as possible, but no quieter, automatically?

    Anyways, I ordered the sanyo fans I linked to above, and plan to to connect them to the 12V aux. gpu power. If it goes well I'll update. If my core fries and I'm back to using ye olde thinkpad on monday... I ... won't update.
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    Just got my Card today! So I'm going to experiment all this tomorrow! I'll let you know how it goes.

    Edit: @Pentalobe my gf says she loves the stitch sticker!
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    Ok so I now have the Core up and running. Yes the fan is on full blast it seems. I'm going to guess they swapped out the type of PSU from the previous model? Not sure but maybe some toggling we can find something? If an update will fix it I hope that will come out sooner than later. It is some what loud, but Its tolerable. Outside the noise it was an easy setup, played a few games of Hots, notice the difference as soon as you get in game mode., Its nice! No real complaints.
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    What kind of card are you using? I haven't read thru this thread.
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    Put it on the battlestations thread! :)

    MSI gaming 1070 TI
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    Epic battle station, got my like tomorrow, can’t give it any more today;) Can you share us Firestrike score or some your gaming FPS with 1070ti?
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    I accidentally took my wife’s laptop to work one day :confused_: and needed a way to tell them apart after that.

    Thanks for the data point on the fan situation with the 1070 ti. I was worried that it was just me because they had put some official secret sauce in for geforce cards only, and my not-approved card had broken thermal management in the core. It is exactly the same PSU as my first Core purchased 06/2016, Enhance brand, model ENH-2350.

    The Sanyo fans came in today, I want to do some more testing before I swap them. They are nearly silent at full power and still move a good amount of air. But it may not be necessary to do the swap. I have simply disconnected the thermal sensor from the LED board, the fans are still running but at a moderate speed, I guess about 40% or so, they aren't really noticable over the GPU fan and I bet once I put the case back on it will be pretty quiet. I have furmark and cpu burner running, and my laptop battery is charging. Within a few seconds of plugging in the thermal sensor the fans ramp up to full speed. And within a few seconds of unplugging the sensor they slow back down to what I would consider a normal speed. (protip, there is a magnetic switch at the end of the LED board to turn the core on outside of it's case)

    I connected it to a DMM that can read K-type thermocouple and it showed 72.4°F which is about the ambient temperature of my office. I have no idea if it's a K but this sort of proves it. (??) Since I suspect this is reading the ambient temperature at the intake of the PSU, that's probably accurate (there's a shroud over it, so I don't know for sure until I pull it apart.

    I'm probably just going to run it with the sensor unplugged. I'll let furmark/cpuburner run while my battery charges, and look at it with our thermal camera. If nothing gets too hot, I'll just leave it like that. Otherwise I can probably find a fixed resistance that will get a good blend between cooling and noise.

    I am comfortable doing this, because I'm only running a 75w gpu that will be idling most of the time, and only run a RBS that can't pull more than 45w. If you are at all concerned with warranty support down the road, this prawbably isn't a good option for you. Not that you couldn't just... plug it back in... of course.

    This is the connector that goes to the thermal sensor:

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    Interested to know how you got on with this?

    It's not the volume of the fans that bothers me (although they are loud), it's the pulsing whirring quality of the noise. It's impossible to get used to as it varies, constantly.

    Driving me mad tbh, as it's right next to me on the desk.

    Very disappointing design choice to have fans that aren't a constant speed. :slightly_sad:
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    Hahah, i was just thinking when i answered that query few minutes ago that Razer needs new great Case and here i come with wishes answered :]
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    It drives me crazy as well, I am the type that can't stand a noisy work environment.

    Yeah, I was planning to open the intake shroud and poke at that thermal sensor and see how it goes, but I used it for several hours yesterday with it just unplugged, it's perfect for my needs. I was only flashing some AVRs and had spotify and excel running, when I was leaving for the day I poked around and nothing felt hot. The fans are still running but at a low speed. I can put up another video on Monday :)

    I can't stress enough how bad an idea this is if you play games or have a powerful GPU. I'm a console gamer and also started using my old thinkpad w520 for games. It doesn't get too warm, but I'm also only using a 75w gpu. I tried furmark and cpu burner for about an hour while the laptop was charging, the hottest temp was the PSU exhaust at around 120ºF and the case of the PSU was around 100ºF. For all I know, it gets about that hot with the fans on "jet airliner" mode, too. My normal use is pretty easy on the machine (see above), so it will never be this intense in practice. Maybe Solidworks and Ideas, LOL. Which is random spikes of 100% but rarely for longer than say, 1 second.

    I am just waiting for a firmware update from razer that will fix it, then I can plug it back in. No idea if that will happen or not. I hope so.
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    So, I'm using a 165W GPU in there. The Razer Blade Stealth draws 65W according to the power brick. So in total the component will draw 230W, which is less than half the capability of the Core2 PSU. I've probably got all that wrong since I'm not exactly sure how wattage works.

    Anyway, some fan movement at all would surely be good enough when playing lighter games like League of Legends?

    Wondering if I can get some power from spare GPU power connectors down to the little pins for the fan, so it can be constant (perhaps loud) volume. Again, it's not the volume, it's the inconsistency of the sound.

    It's actually quite depressing with the amount of money I spent on this setup.