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Thoughts on Razer Chroma

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jun 23, 2015.

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  1. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    Chroma is a new platform for us - it's not just about 16.8M colors but building the largest customizable platform for gamers and game developers all over the world.

    It allows a single button to sync customizations across multiple devices - and in the near future, for millions of devices to be an open platform for developers all over the world to integrate their games and content into.

    Think about it - now all gaming peripherals are unified on a single platform - keyboards communicate with mice and mice with headphones and headphones back to keyboards. Game developers can now send alerts in realtime to the hardware and vice versa.

    At Razer - we lead the industry and it's a huge responsibility for us to ensure that we take a long term view in respect of establishing the benchmarks.

    And all of this - is on an open platform that anyone can use. Chroma is the new customization benchmark for the PC gaming industry.

    Read more about it here: http://www.razerzone.com/chroma
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  2. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, seems like that website isn't updated with the Tartarus Chroma nor the Mambas...

    Other than that, it's an awesome movement.
    It's yet another way game devs can connect to their fans. From the Nabu to Chroma devices, gaming is truly becoming integral to everyday life.
  3. Jayxe

    Jayxe Member

    While I like the idea of chroma, I feel like it's an attempt to revise the image of Razer, which you've already done by switching from blue to green. I honestly love the green image of Razer better than the classic blue, and I very much like The chroma as well. However, it seems Razer wants to keep changing up appearances to be the next standard. I'll always support Razer, chroma, green, or classic blue, but I'll pretty much always have a green room. Chroma gives us options, I like that. But to me, when I hear Razer, a river of green floods my mind.
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    KOXOXOK Member

    Great line of products. Not everyone likes green theme and these products will give them the options to match colors to their setup.

    Although, nothing innovative except the new Mamba (when is it coming out?!?! and also, please improve the battery life; Logitech's wireless mouse lasts forever)

    Final note, I would like to see cheaper and robust keyboard and mouse to introduce more people to the brand Razer.

    *Next, carbon fiber products, because, why not?
  5. Odesius

    Odesius Active Member

    Well said @Min-Liang Tan, not only is it a great way for gamers to personalize their setup but also a great medium for developers to intergrate game features into lighting feedback on devices. Health and mana, different colour for ability availability etc. Can't wait till I get better at programming so I can have a go at creating some apps for chroma gear.
  6. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    The only reason i start looking into Razer was the Chroma products. Well done.
  7. Eddie170913

    Eddie170913 Member

    Personally, i love the movement to chroma devices, it allows the device to be more personal to its user and is also incredibly fun to play around with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i would like to see it enabled in all devices, in the Ouroboros, it would make it truly infinitely variable

    Oh, and two more things, with some razer devices, (my old mamba) the razer symbol was printed on and occasionally scratched off, no more of that please :) finally id like to see in the future, colour choices for the shell of razer mice such as the deathadder (similar to the neon collection of krakens) I'm sure some people would agree with me :) if not, ah well i tried :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  8. UruzCardinal

    UruzCardinal New Member

    Personally i really love the chroma series. People may say it is only colors any nothing special or new. But I love how now you are finally free to customize your peripherals to your own liking. i am always a little OCD when it comes to my computer aesthetics. I was not a big fan of the blue color of the old razer products (Just a color preference) so i have tried a lot of combination of different product from different company and never really found something that i truly liked. No matter how, something always seemed off... let it be the color, the back light brightness, the material or the feel. When the chroma line up came out i was really excited! i have always loved my deathadder and kraken! the lighting looks amazing as well! Although other company has done RGB lighting, but i have to say razer synapse does a better job. it makes customizing a lot easier (saying it from experience). Although it does bring a bit of limitation compare to the other company but it allows anyone to customize it without spending too much to learn the program.
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  9. Vicious2501

    Vicious2501 New Member

    Looking forward to new Naga and Orbweaver designs. I'm a big fan of the old Naga Epic, the newer 2014 model doesn't feel right in my hand. As for the Orbweaver, I appreciate the extra row of buttons, but the adhesive on the back of the wrist spot melts as it heats up, and got very messy. I hope that gets addressed in the next model.
  10. MajinBow

    MajinBow New Member

    Its true and someday maybe not only color integrated, maybe chroma can performed kboard and mice combo as well
  11. allbricks

    allbricks Member

    I guess I'm sort of in the camp that would like to see more done with the Chroma line. Some of the "hints" at Chroma's potential have yet to manifest, and are seemingly forgotten by Razer (i.e. the lights changing in time with the action on screen, or the health points of the player character). Even minor things like the frustrating inability to sync some basic lighting patterns to the Chroma Kraken 7.1 USB headphones have been completely ignored. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the full line of Chroma peripherals (I've spent almost $1000 on them in total), but color me underwhelmed with the pace of progress made thus far.

    But hey, just one moderately attractive man's opinion.
  12. Progaminggod

    Progaminggod Member

    I personally love the green and how it represents everything Razer but I understand others not which is why I totally agree with what you're doing with this range.
  13. LegendeHiro

    LegendeHiro Member

    Chroma is PERFECT !
  14. mywc123

    mywc123 Member

    I think chroma is great but I think it would really take off if Razer released tools that would let end users create and share deisgns without knowing any programming language. Developer support is nice but I think in the end user created content would be king.
  15. the colors are nice I got it
  16. thearcangel

    thearcangel Member

    I like having the different colors, however that being said, I do not think that the price difference matches the value for the device. For instance a Black Widow Ultimate runs $129.99, a Chroma version costs $40 more. I could see maybe $10, but $40 to have the chroma add-on just seems a little expensive to me.
  17. Zielarz

    Zielarz Member

    Chroma products are well designed and produced. I wish there was Leviatan Chroma version
  18. 27SilentChaos

    27SilentChaos Active Member

    The only thing you're missing out is the Razer Nabu Chroma ;)
  19. Yaki1337

    Yaki1337 New Member

    Give us the Orbweaver as Chroma! Rubberdome sucks!
  20. SuijinZero

    SuijinZero Active Member

    I love Chroma series. The fact that your keyboard can have a light show is just phenomenal! However, the chroma mice are left to be desire =( I felt that the Chroma mice haven't really stand out from the non-chroma ones yet because they still only display 1 solid color at a time. Many razer mice in the past could do the same. For example, my old Naga Epic's lighting effect is pretty much the same as the new Naga Epic Chroma's lighting effects. When the new mice were thrown in the chroma series I was hoping they too could do the rainbow effect or ripple effects on-click. Also I was hoping Razer would let us customize lighting on each individual keys on the mice as well, this is beneficial for the Naga class mice. Im really looking forward to the future mice from Razer that might have these capabilities. These are some of the reasons that held me back from upgrading to the new Naga Epic Chroma. The New Mamba however, got away with the 2 chroma light strips, at least with that it can blend in with the rainbow effects on the keyboard and I can see why it was classified as Chroma. =D
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