True analog stick on a gamepad?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by cruton321, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. cruton321

    cruton321 New Member

    I have seen this hinted at by a few other people, but have been unable to find any threads dedicated to the idea directly.

    I enjoy both console and PC games, but feel that for certain games neither platform offers an entirely valid control solution. In terms of PC, I often find that the accuracy and fluidity of a mouse often gets countered by the clunky rigidity of a keyboard, with its more binary capabilities. I feel that the analog sticks on most modern controllers open up quite a bit of potential for the player in this regard, but having the mouse replaced with a second analog stick, and replacing the numerous keys of a keyboard with a limited selection of buttons makes this a mute point. Why can't there be a gamepad for PC that can be paired with a mouse, has an array of keys, and has a true omnidirectional analog stick?

    So many PC games require a player to keep three fingers on WASD for general movement, while the thumb sits idle for most of play on the spacebar. In most games there are keys outside of WASD that are vital to play. This forces players to constantly retask fingers dedicated for movement to other positions, hindering their play in game. Why not offer a solution where the more dexterous thumb can be but in charge of movement entirely, freeing up the other fingers for other equally important actions?

    The current Tatarus and Orbweaver keypads offer a great many advantages over more traditional keyboards, however utilizing only eight direction d-pads, they do not offer the full range of sensitivity needed for certain game-play elements found in many games. How difficult would it be to replace this D-pad with something more capable?

    Am I alone in thinking this, or does adding an analog stick to a mouse/keyboard combo only make sense?
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  2. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    Maybe it will be a good idea for you, but what you say it almost entirely define a controller functions. These new keyboards and mouses allow you to add extra buttons on them with any key you want. So because this idea of yours with a analog stick on a keyboard is not yet implemented, or none of what i heard, i suggest you accommodate yourself with some combination of keys rather on mouse or a keyboard/orbweaver.
  3. cruton321

    cruton321 New Member

    I absolutely agree with you that having the customization to edit keys allows for a keyboard to outperform over a controller in volume, but what an analog stick would allow is precision and efficiency. Key-mapping can certainly be an advantageous tool in a limited capacity, however by the nature of their design, keys can not reasonably compare to the range of variables that a single analog stick can offer. More so, an analog stick only requires a single finger to use, with no need to reposition it over different mechanisms.

    I am not saying that keyboards are impractical and controllers are better. I strongly believe that a well designed keyboard is one of the most capable tools in gaming. That being said, I feel that conventional keyboards just don't have all of the elements needed to offer the greatest potential when it comes to gaming peripherals. I want a keyboard that does more, and I feel would be the most assistance to me would be an analog stick. Do you feel similarly?
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  4. Coolishy777

    Coolishy777 New Member

    As someone who started with console gaming I would agree that analog sticks are probably far better for general movement performance as they can slowly move a character in a game and accelerate up. However I have just acquired a Tartarus V2 and find that the 8-way thumb stick on it functions just fine for most every game I play if I'm using mouse and keypad.
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