What are you watching?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by lucky394, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. freakygamergurl

    freakygamergurl New Member

    I Don't spend my precious time on watch tv, instead i play Story Games on INSTAGRAM! E.g By Uploading Cool Photos with Amazing Instagram Captions.
  2. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

    hmmmm, A lot of Game theory on youtube and and Reddit readings. Also quite a bit of Naruto. FNAF Lore on Game Theory is intense.
  3. hostingmania

    hostingmania New Member

    I am tech lover guy so watching matrix.
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  4. JR0nin

    JR0nin Well-Known Member

    Right now, i was watching a youtube video on the review of Weeny Dynasty car release in GTAV Online :big_grin_:

  5. XevosWarz

    XevosWarz New Member

    MY hero academia :D
  6. Hydros3

    Hydros3 New Member

    Yessir, showing the trilogy to the wife for the first time, she's a tech n00b.
  7. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    While I'm reading your post, I'm watching this

    Annotation 2019-10-23 115451.png
  8. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    Start to watch Batwomen great tv show on hbo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  9. Impulse on YouTube.
  10. alangrin55

    alangrin55 Member

    Succession S2 - miles better than the first season which was itself pretty decent. A real treat of a show.
  11. alangrin55

    alangrin55 Member

    Finished 2nd season of Jack Ryan, not bad, decent action yarn. First season was slightly better.
  12. gstsdw

    gstsdw Member

    Pretty much only watching Jingle Jam since December 1st haha. Bobs burgers, momma named me sheriff, Rick and Morty, Mr pickles have also been sprinkled in there when they air.
  13. alangrin55

    alangrin55 Member

    Midway (2019) - 6/10

    Was surprisingly better than I expected, CGI was better than the trailers and fight scenes were well done, was mostly historically accurate too
  14. 1917 - 8/10

    Second time around. I was actually moved more watching it the second time, bizarrely. What a film. I'm not sure Deakins will win best cinematography (as technically/logistically brilliant it was) for it, but wow what a film.
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