What does your girlfriend think about gaming???

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Geradyak, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. Germandyak

    Germandyak New Member

    Does your interests in gaming help or rather make problems in your relations with your girlfriend?
  2. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    She hates it. We argued a lot. We almost broke up. I spend more time on gaming than with her despite her attempts to get my attention. I know what you're gonna say, I dont deserve her. But at least I dont cheat on her....
  3. andrew2020

    andrew2020 New Member

    gaming is fun.. but there are times with girlfriend that are important and need attention to.. best not to take them for granted.. too much gaming and she'll think you ignore her.. manage it well and it'll be fine.. just don't spend too much time in gaming.. after all girlfriend need attention!
  4. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    I tried to make her play with me as well, but shes just not into gaming. Hey I do still see her a lot, I just dont text/call/answer her calls much. I love her tho :)
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    LOVEHERDIE New Member

    Unless your girlfriend game too, otherwise would bound to have some problems. Just don't get addicted, it will be fine.
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  6. RedX801

    RedX801 Member

    Yea, just need good balance! If that's there, she should accept it. My g/f accepts mine, we play some wii u games together but not PC.
  7. CapitainD

    CapitainD Active Member

    She has been jealous of my custom built PC for a long time because I take extremely care of it and I happen to call my PC "my baby" so when she's around she doesn't like it...
    She was a "gamer girl" once because one of her previous boyfriends almost forced her to play League of Legends and she finally liked it, now she doesn't play anymore except for a free-to-play MMO that she would like me to play with her but it's not my kind of games...

    And I believe wanting her to play with me would be a mistake, for gaming is my way to leave the world around me. I wouldn't bear it.
  8. OhHeyItsBecky

    OhHeyItsBecky Active Member

    I know it says "What does your girlfriend think about gaming?" But I'm going to answer anyways. As a girl and a gamer, I've ran into issues with boyfriends who weren't into gaming and it caused issues. My ex fiance was a gamer as well, which helped since we could play LoL, Rift, GW2, etc together. But gaming together can also cause issues when only one of you is needed for a guild raid or you ignore your irl responsiblities. Any activity or hobby, if you give it more attention than your significant other, it's most likely going to have negative effects on your relationship. It just comes down to making your relationship a priority if it's important to you. Nothing wrong with gaming, but sometimes it's good to step away from your keyboard or controller and go out and do something with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  9. nexhia

    nexhia Guest

    No time for boyfriend got epics to collect ;)
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  10. Smokiestprune64

    Smokiestprune64 Active Member

    Mine is awesome, she tries to learn starcraft and always wants to know if I won. Recently she even started playing hearthstone :D
  11. NyanNyan

    NyanNyan Active Member

    As I am the girlfriend in my own story, I don't know how to answer. At least, I choose to be with someone who play games as a principal hobby. We even met ingame to be honest. And as I discussed it a lot with my mates who had troubles with their girlfriends, and answered the curious people who wanted my opinion, I would never consider someone who wouldn't play, or wouldn't want to let me play as much as I want, as my boyfriend.
    My husband and me are both gamers, but we don't feel like we need to play together, so sometimes, we are partners and it's profitable for both of us, and sometimes we play separately, and we're not bothered by that. We are free. It may seem like an obviousness, but not all the couples get to balance their freedom properly.

    The other thing I noticed after all those years, is that the girlfriend who are annoying with gamers, are the girlfriends who are not able to have a hobby for themselves at home. If they're bored, obviously, they won't stand their partner to ignore them. But in the same manner, if they, also, have something to focus on, they will also ask for some tolerance and tolerate games the same way.
    One of the possibility could be to find someone independent, but going out when you're home playing could lead to some nasty jealousy for young couples ;)

    Well, I think having the right partner will lead to a natural relationship without stress or excessive compromises, and sharing interests will at least bring easy understanding in most cases.
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  12. number12

    number12 Active Member

    Well my hands dont talk so not a peep
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  13. sirvir

    sirvir New Member

    Mine is not a gamer, otherwise it would be too easy to fall into playing too much. But she plays arcade games occasionaly, when I borrow her my tablet :D.
  14. cobraconnect

    cobraconnect New Member

    Im a die hard Dota2 player and my gf doesnt understand the game one bit, but she never stops me from playing, unless it's dinner time. hahaha.
  15. TravisAntonio

    TravisAntonio Member

    Mine's a gamer herself so we play together sometimes.
  16. isabel09

    isabel09 Active Member

    What is a girlfriend?
  17. TigerStripedDragon

    TigerStripedDragon Active Member

    No time for relationships or socializing. Got games to play and a backlog to finish. #priorities
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  18. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    I find it difficult to balance gaming, friends, responsibilities, family, and girlfriend. I treat them all the same but my girlfriend keeps wanting more. @Nyan is right, she does need a hobby. The thing is, I am her hobby right now -,-.
  19. ProudSikh

    ProudSikh Member

    My gf is a gamer and we game together playing different games. I feel like if we would play together we would kick ass but our interests for games atm are different.

    Even with her being a gamer, i balance both. She's happy and I'm happy. We both agree sometimes we will want to game more then spending time together cause of the work week. So overall it's awesome having your SO being understand
  20. Sicalegs

    Sicalegs New Member

    My girlfriend isn't a pc gamer but she picks up games that I play (Dota2, Banished, l4d) so that she can try to beat me lol :D
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