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What is Razer's response to the ROG Phone?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by freshMountbattenPink398, Jul 1, 2018.

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  1. First let me say I'm a Razer Phone owner and interested in seeing the platform succeed. Actually, my daughter took my phone. The screen and sound were so much better than the iPhone she had, she decided she needed it more than me.

    So ASUS, via their ROG gaming line, showed a potential competitor to the Razer Phone. Unlike the tech journalists, I don't compare phones as ASUS yet has yet to ship and the Razer Phone has been out for some time. The ROG announcement was impressive, but I really want to see Razer's response. Anyone have thoughts?

    For the phone, I would like to see a bump in the processor, a headphone jack, and some amount of water resistance. These items are obvious updates, but I see the ROG way with multiple peripherals as the real fight for user interest. Producing and releasing Project Linda would be a good start for Razer, as the lap dock wouldn't limit itself to just gamers, but also include professionals and power users. A Razer dock would also be good. I've tried several Samsung DEX like docks and they are hit or miss. A handheld dock could give something to the hardcore gamers and, if compatible with the first Razer Phone, would leverage a greater user pool from the start.
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  2. ZiCott

    ZiCott Member

    If Razer doesnt offer the LINDA Laptop attachment soon, I am going to get that ROG Phone.
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  3. engmia

    engmia New Member

    What does Project Linda have to do with the Asus Phone at all?

    Personally, playing games for the last 20 years or so, my playing games on the phone phase is long over, with the exception of the odd Heathstone duel (not happened in months).

    I appreciate the 120Hz screen and the nice sounding audio of the Razer Phone, but don't enjoy the extra bulk. I believe the Asus phone is a massive overkill and the entire point of flies over my head. If you're going to spend that much money on a "mobile" setup, why not just get a small laptop?
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  4. Good questions. Project Linda is related to the ROG Phone as ASUS is using the accessories to emphasize it's new gaming phone. I see Mobile moving beyond just being a handheld as a continuation of the evolution/miniaturization of computing (e.g. room filling computing to personal computers to notebooks and laptops to mobile devices). Mobile processing is coming to the point to meet 80-90% of user needs, to include gaming. Accessing/playing on these devices is easier with proper accessories (larger display, keyboard, mouse).

    In my years of gaming, I've moved back on forth between platforms with the one which best meet my needs. Now, as a frequent traveler/family man with less time to "sit down" to game, I do more gaming on my mobile device. Certainly everyone's situation is different, but I look forward to expanding mobile gaming and the devices which best support.

    Your point on cost is well taken. But getting a laptop doesn't remove my requirement for a smart phone. Conversely, if I already have a phone, buying accessories to enhance access and improve interface experience comes at a lower cost than buying an additional laptop. ​
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  5. gccltl1

    gccltl1 New Member

    ROG phone is bulky and unpractical.
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  6. ZiCott

    ZiCott Member

    With 5G on the horizon, this is just a natural progression for mobile gaming. Mobile gaming sector is going full-throttle, with added mobile accessories to compliment the gaming devices. PCs has theirs, Laptops had them, Consoles too, and now its the Phones to get the attention. Carrying a Razer Laptop or a Switch around isn't any less bulky or impractical.
  7. coreykill

    coreykill New Member

    I for one am reasonably interested in the ROG phone. I enjoy the Razer Eosystem and recommend them to friends.
    however I find myself drawn to the integrated shoulder buttons on the ROG phone. As I use my Phone less for mobile apps/games as they don't much hold my interest. and more for on the go emulation of older consoles. and having dedicated buttons I could use for triggers. vs carrying around a gamepad (which I dont do as it isnt practical) keeps me from playing quite a few games unless I am at home to use a pad. at which point there is plenty of other games I have access to in my free time. would just be a little easier.

    I would love to see the second iteration of the Razer phone integrate something like that. as its basically the only thing the ROG phone has going for it in my eyes, but that one thing is a big deal to me. plus I am pretty sure the ROG phone with its add-ons will be prohibitively expensive
  8. engmia

    engmia New Member

    That was my point exactly. Since a person nowadays in developed countries is most likely going to own a computer and a smartphone (especially considering the category we are speaking about), Project Linda is something completely not applicable to this discussion.

    Mobile processing (be it smartphones or laptops) meets 100% of needs of casual/basic office needs. Currently, in both Android and iOS (and laptops are even faster) the processors are fast enough to push what most consumers throw at them. Anything else is just bad optimisation of code.

    "Professional" isn't even the correct category anymore -- more like content creators, 3D modelers and other heavy-use based tasks will need to stick to desktop -- or shell twice as much for a laptop with less performance than the desktop counterpart and no upgradeability -- not exactly a wise move. Not to mention that they'll be limited to a single GTX1080 tops.

    I've moved forth and back between platforms as well, now I'm just playing the odd game of Hearthstone on my phone (works amazing for that actually, and I don't play Hearthstone on my computer). That's since there is nothing new anymore in terms of mechanics anymore and anything else is sub-par compared to any desktop game. The quality of games on mobile peaked a few years ago, if you were into mobile gaming then you would know. Fortnight being the perfect example, with the game being no different in terms of control/gameplay or anything than the Grand Theft Auto games that got ported for mobile a few years back.

    In all reality, the experience is just sub-par in every manner compared to the desktop equivalent of the game. The game plays just fine on iPhone X, and it will be optimised for most high-end phones.

    The Asus ROG/Razer Phone phone does not have a faster processor than any of the other flagships, and in fact -- for games -- it's much slower than the iPhone X. The extra RAM is just there for marketing figures and is not going to increase the performance in the game, my 2GB on my iPhone 6S serve me perfectly.

    So my mind fails to see where exactly does the benefit of those phones comes? The only half-sensible accessory I've seen which might improve the experience is the controllers, but why not just buy an 3rd-party brand controller for an iPhone X and get amazing Fortnight performance?

    Also why would you want to sacrifice many of the benefits of an smartphone, and what is the trade? It reminds me of those big bulky dual graphic-card or desktop processor laptops, which have massive problems with the cooling and are about 10cm thick weighing in at 5-6-7 kgs. And that's without the two massive power-brick adaptors that come to charge said laptop. At this point, you are not carrying a laptop. You are carrying a desktop with your monitor glued to it.

    If you've owned a laptop and travelled with it, you'll know that the above setup might work for an odd-LAN party but never for every day use. At this point, why not just bring a Mini-ATX computer and a small monitor with you?
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  9. ZiCott

    ZiCott Member

    ROG Phone takes mobile gaming performance to the next level, with each and every component optimized for a lag-free, responsive experience.

    Each octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 Mobile Platform CPU is speed-binned and specially selected for maximum performance — including sustained clock speeds of up to an incredible 2.96GHz — and

    the Adreno™ 630 GPU is a gaming powerhouse, with graphics performance outstripping the previous generation by up to 30%.

    packs ultrafast wireless connectivity in its inventory, including Cat 16 LTE and the latest 802.11ad gigabit-class Wi-Fi.

    8GB RAM, 512GB storage. I dont see any other flagship with these specs...besides the OnePlus6

    I traded my iPhone 6 Plus for a X, The performance on iOS 11 was just TERRIBLE.
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