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What monitor do you use?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by R3V0LUTI0N4, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. Arantor

    Arantor New Member

    Benq 24" 144Hz
  2. Samsung S22C150. Its an amazing monitor, especially for the price. If your looking for a good, cheap monitor for multiple monitor setups, these guys are the way to go. It's just annoying they only use VGA, and don't come with conversion cables/converters.
  3. BenQ BL2410PT, but i'd like to change for a FPS one to see the difference if there were
  4. IVORYpolyPlumWeb326

    IVORYpolyPlumWeb326 New Member

    I got a dual monitor setup right now. Running 2 of those 27" korean monitors from ebay. QNIX 2710 and Crossover 27Q are the names. I really like the Crossover and think the build quality is pretty solid whereas the QNIX has a really crappy stand (leans foward a little and doesn't feel super secure).

    They were about $350 each and both are 2560x1440 ^^
  5. Smiiffy

    Smiiffy New Member

    Im using a bog stnadard 1080p 60hx monitor that cost me £120 but if money was no issue i would go for the asus rog that has 1440p and 144hz!
  6. rickfactorr

    rickfactorr New Member

    HP 22XI IPS
  7. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    benq 1070 projector. projectors need to have much more consideration put towards where they are used but you really cant compare to the gaming experiance
  8. UHaveBeenWasteD

    UHaveBeenWasteD New Member

  9. I have the iiYama PLB2409HDS-B1! Very good stuff !
  10. Asus 27 inch 144hz awesome monitor
    and som generiska ben 24inch
  11. Cubond

    Cubond New Member

    If you go dual monitor once, you never come back
  12. Merlintime

    Merlintime New Member

    I currently used an older Samsung 22" 2233. It's been a great monitor but maximum resolution seems to be a bit limited now so I've started researching for a good replacement.
  13. Emexrulsier

    Emexrulsier Member

    I was an early adopter of Nvidia 3d vision so have a rubbish asus monitor but still 120hz. My next monitor HAS to be 120Hz + (144 prob) 2K + and IPS there is one from Acer due soon which depending on cost maybe my next early xmas present :D
  14. Stizzabeststory086

    Stizzabeststory086 New Member

    Asus VG248QE, with some modifications it looks great.
  15. 86582

    86582 New Member

    3 Acer 23.1" monitors with nVidia Surround
  16. b0r3dguy

    b0r3dguy New Member

    I currently use an ASUS VH238H, but I want a second monitor!
  17. Aech89

    Aech89 New Member

    acer 2ms 1080p
  18. Flirtdirectquick655

    Flirtdirectquick655 New Member

    i have a dual acer tooo!
  19. Licoricerushside697

    Licoricerushside697 New Member

    I used a 27" Vizio HD tv as monitor I love it
  20. kankarman

    kankarman New Member

    Samsung Syncmaster BX2431, DoubleSight DS-90U
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