Best Razer gaming mouse for FPS games? (like CS:GO, Overwatch)

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Ejay Sarangay, May 30, 2016.

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  1. eMarrs

    eMarrs New Member

    It depends on how you grip the mouse. I use a mix of palm and claw grip. I have an old razer lachesis which has a low profile and widened front buttons, makes it very easy to move around with your fingers. After using that, palm grip mice and odd and uncomfortable for me. I have my eye on the new release of the diamonback. It looks great for anyone who doesnt use a palm grip.
  2. RoastierThanToastier

    RoastierThanToastier Active Member

    It really depends on what you like I use he Deathadder for fact that it is cheaper and is really comfortable but it could be very uncomfortable for you and you might like the Mamba or the Taipan
  3. deathadder
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