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Blade 14 2016 (1060) - Corrupt HDMI output on login screen

Discussion in 'Systems' started by AndySw3, Feb 4, 2017.

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  1. AndySw3

    AndySw3 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I've got this weird problem with my Blade 14 2016 when I boot the machine up from cold, that is - come in from work, turn power on (blade now charging, external HDMI monitor has power)

    If I leave the HDMI cable plugged in for the monitor (some 1080p AOC model), I see weird graphical artefacts and the machine won't make it to the login screen - even if I unplug the HDMI at this point it can't recover, I just see a black screen.

    If I boot it up with the HDMI unplugged, get to the windows login screen and then plug it in, it works fine - and then continues to work fine on subsequent reboots - it's only when the machine and the monitor have been turned completely off that this issue occurs.

    I was seeing similar behaviour, only much worse, with a different HDMI cable (one that came with an original XBox 360) but I swapped it out. With that older cable, every time I plugged it in, it would crash the machine - (nvidia driver related BSOD) - I then upgraded the Intel drivers which improved things, but would still crash 5 times out of 10. The new HDMI cable is actually workable, but it's annoying that I need to remember to unplug it before turning the machine on for the first time.

    Anyone else seeing this issue? I've opened a case with Razer so will see how that goes.


  2. AndySw3

    AndySw3 New Member

    Additionally, Razer Support asked me if I could make sure that the 1060 was being used - I've configured Nvidia Optimus to prefer the 1060 but I don't think that would make a difference within Windows, unless someone knows how to force it to do all the work.

    I don't think that is how Optimus works though - the pipeline from the 1060 to what you see always goes through the Intel integrated graphics I believe.
  3. AndySw3

    AndySw3 New Member

    More info, I was wrong about it working on subsequent reboots. If I leave the system and monitor turned off but on standby/charge for a long time, then start up again, I get the same problem, graphical corruption on the HDMI monitor and no login screen.
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