First Razer, where are the firmware updates?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by AndyCalling, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. I've just bought my first Razer product, a Blackwidow Expert 2014 (the one without all the lighting). Not had chance to test it much, but I noticed many posts encouraging people to ensure they are on the latest firmware revision. The problem is that there are no firmware downloads listed on the Razer download page for this keyboard or, it seems, for any other they make. Clearly they exist just from the forum posts, and I can find downloads from unofficial sources via a web search but I would rather find the official Razer firmware download page to ensure I have the latest. Could someone helpful please post a link? I realise it's probably obvious but I just cannot find the firmware download page on the Razer site no matter how hard I look.

    Thanks for the help folks, it is appreciated from a new customer.
  2. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    Well download synapse and it will update from there. There is a check for updates button.
  3. loli556

    loli556 Active Member

    You have Synapse installed and on latest updates there?
    Do you have any problems with your keyboard?

    Becuase if not, there is no need to update the Firmware.
    They're giving out the Firmware updates only when you have problems, or you're maybe asking for it (on your own risk)

    Because i had problems with my Mamba TE and after communicating with support i got a Firmware Update for my mouse... BUT they said it could be that the Firmware update just kill my mouse so that i have to RMA it.
    And so they can't spread these Updates to all people i bet, because they're not neccessary (only for some case)
  4. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    Synapse automatically gets the latest update.
  5. loli556

    loli556 Active Member

    Not Firmware
  6. Well, this is confusing. I do have the Synapse utility installed and it did update, but did not mention updating the firmware at any point (though it did warn not to disconnect the keyboard during the update?). I can't even find the way of telling which firmware I have installed.

    I wanted the latest because if it bricks now then I can easily take it back to the store and exchange. If I wait until my keys start repeating on me (or whatever nasty surprises may be lurking down the road) it is likely to be a much bigger risk to flash involving more hassle in returning it if it bricks.

    I have seen advice on these forums about updating the firmware to the latest but no indication of how to do this or where to get the updates, or even if there are any for the 'Expert' (no lights) 2014 variant. It looked as if everyone else knew where to get them and how except me. Now it seems that my request for clarification has just produced contradiction and I'm no longer convinced I'm the only confused one here.

    Does anyone know what's going on here for sure? Can anyone tell me the latest firmware revision for my variant, how I can check if mine is up to date, and who to PM if I need an update (or if Synapse is actually updating the firmware during the initial update cycle)? Someone who knows for sure rather than acting on belief or assumption? Not that I doubt the input so far, I'm just trying to resolve the contradiction it has produced.

    Thanks new pals!
  7. loli556

    loli556 Active Member

    Lol like i've already said above.
    There is no special way to read which Firmware it has, well i don't know any way , haven't had the intention to search for it.

    But There is a Tool from Razer called Firmware Updater. It's a special tool and mainly giving out from Support via email!
    (When you have problems or on request)

    But they're not neccessary when you haven't got any problems... They may don't even help you in advance.

    When you still want one and maybe want to know it detailed
    Write to support and maybe they will send you the Updater
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  8. Well, I have no repeating keys yet. I suppose I shall have to wait and see what bugs become apparent as I have no explicit support case as yet, but if it bricks after an update later down the track then I'll be a bit peeved when I could have avoided it with easy access to the update now. Oh well. Thanks for the info, Razer Gurus.
  9. Akaki

    Akaki Member

    Why do you want the updates when you are having no issues with the product?
  10. I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave earlier...
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