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  1. HentaiMaster42069

    HentaiMaster42069 New Member

    My personal favorite is the Razer Deathadder 2013 i bought recently really improves my whole mood after playing a game of CS:GO at 20fps on my old school notebook. Thinking about it now my mouse is the most gaming aimed item in my whole gaming set up
  2. alvinkho07

    alvinkho07 New Member

    My greatest memory... hmm razer ! the greatest memory is whn i unbox my razer deathadder chroma ! i pre- oder it and get razer stickers. so happy about the sticker and the chroma setting !
  3. iStinger

    iStinger Well-Known Member

    My best Razer memory was when my brother bought me a Razer Abyssus V1 for my birthday years ago. I got hooked onto Razer immediately. Since then, I managed to save up for a Razer Blackwidow TE edition, changed to the Razer Abyssus V2, and built a desktop with the Razer H440 case. Looking forward to saving for a Razer mug (if it's still in stock), Razer Leviathan, and a Razer laptop if possible.
  4. Borrowed my friend's razer mouse for a project. Loved it so much and haven't used another brand ever since. Team Razer all the way xD
  5. tushar0205

    tushar0205 New Member

    Best razer moment for me is getting the sick razer mamba.
  6. eehjay

    eehjay New Member

    My favorite Razer moment had to be at E3 2011. All the glowing green giveaway swag and seeing the switchblade was pretty cool. Amazing to see the advancements to what is now the blade and blade stealth. As someone that was invited to the show by Activision, I was never at any of the Activision booths in the halls. Kinda just hung out by Razer and kept going out to the Saints Row carwash outside to see my car lol
  7. My first Razer product was a Razer Mamba with a detachable cable (wireless option). I have never gotten such a great looking mouse, in a great looking box. Unfortunately, after getting kids, the mouse didn't get used very often, only to fill in my payment information for some electronic bills.

    Forwarding a few years, my eldest son is now 4 and saw the flashy mouse and box when he came into the computer room. Normally forbidden territory for him, so his awe was great. He confiscated the box to put some of his 'valuables' in. When he gets a little bit older, and the wife allows it (but hey, he is a boy, she cannot stop the natural evolution of things), I'll teach him to play games. And then he'll get that mouse to put into his new valuables box.
  8. markieg

    markieg Active Member

    Day of the Firefly reveal I knew Chroma was here to stay :rainbow:
  9. BlearyShotZz

    BlearyShotZz New Member

    So a few years back one of my friends bought his first gaming laptop, one the earlier razer laptops. After a week or so he invited us to play games with him at his home cause we couldn't afford them yet. At the time i only knew him thanks to an other friend, so i didn't knew him that well. at the time we mostly played minecraft and COD BO2 and we LOVED it. So we came together more often and till this day we still play together every day. I know this story is kinda cringy but hey gaming gave me a lot of good times and many new friends. So thanks razer for all these moments!
  10. KillingTime98

    KillingTime98 New Member

    The best memory would be the first time having a razer product - the razer abyssus, was great for the time of buying and it has made me so happy as my first gaming peripheral. Sadly, the left click and the scroll wheel started malfunctioning causing a lot of problems for normal usage around 2 years ago and I had to stop using it
  11. Celtic_Surfer

    Celtic_Surfer New Member

    Being fairly new to the Razer Cult, I don't have an extensive Razer background from which to draw, but I will say that opening the Razer Ripsaw and the Razer Seirin boxes was literally breathtaking. The Seirin, in particular, was surprising. Looking at the pictures, even ones where the microphone was on a desk to give it a point of reference, I had no idea how hefty the mic would be; but, taking it out of the box, it was clearly made from high quality materials and solid engineering.

    Updating and changing streaming settings is always a little bit daunting, because you never really know until you start messing with it how a new piece of kit is going to perform until you actually get into it and start testing it. I was also a bit apprehensive because, with the Ripsaw especially, my computer didn't even actually meet the minimum computing requirements. The Ripsaw says that it needs a 3.1 GHz CPU, and my laptop is running on a 2.2 GHz processor. But, I've had absolutely zero issues. As a matter of fact, since updating to both the Ripsaw and the Seirin, I've had nothing but compliments on how my stream looks and sounds better than it ever used to. I've had people comment on a noticeable improvement in the lack of latency and delay in both audio and video.

    Going with Razer has not only improved the quality of my stream for the viewers, but it has improved my quality of life as a streamer because I just love looking at and interacting with it.

    I am definitely sold on and bought into the Razer brand, at this point. I love the sexy, sleek design of everything and I can't wait to get my hands on more Razer gear.
  12. FoxyyL

    FoxyyL New Member

    So last year I got my first job over the summer and I really wanted to upgrade my peripherals. I had really basic headphones, speakers, mice and keyboards and I wanted to spice things up.

    Earning a decent amount of money I did my best research to try and find an amazing keyboard, I came across the Razer BlackWidow 2016 edition. I ordered it in seconds. When I got it and plugged in the keyboard for the first time it was amazing to see all the LEDs light up and the keys themselves sounded amazing and were so satisfying to type on. Will be forever one of my favourite keyboards..... but it didn't stop there, I bought a Razer Deathadder Chroma and Krakens and the quality of the peripherals I received were amazing. Such a big fan now and just wanted to say thanks for making such awesome peripherals and the opportunity for this giveaway.

  13. Tehtz

    Tehtz New Member

    My very first Razer product was about 2-3 years ago when I ordered the Razer Tartarus Chroma with my birthday money. I think I wanted it because I wanted to play League of Legends better, since I sucked, and now I use it to play Diablo, League, and even HOTS. Now I have a full Razer Setup with all of its amazing glory. :D
  14. -R4N0I-

    -R4N0I- New Member

    I firstly came in contact with razer as i bought a Kraken 7.1
    I was impressed of it and i try to buy my Hardware produced by razer.

    iLove razers products and their lightning.
  15. mkkykills9

    mkkykills9 New Member

    Let's see. It was back in high school when I first got a razer mouse, which was the razer orochi (I think, it was in 2012). And I've used it for a couple of years on my laptop, for gaming and school works. It was only until our house was caught on fire last year and everything was turned into ashes. We are still recovering from the tragedy, that is why I can't afford to go buy an another razer product. I really miss the experience of having a razer product. So now, I'm saving up for some razer hammerhead, to have the feel of being in the cult of razer once again.

    The best gaming moments I have with my razer orochi is when me and my cousins have LAN parties every night until our eyes and hands hurt.
  16. simone12345_no_id

    simone12345_no_id New Member

    l have never had any of your items yet but l sure would love to win this super RAZOR
  17. Baail21

    Baail21 New Member

    Switching from normal keyboards to Razer. Epic day
  18. Peritusbob

    Peritusbob New Member

    My frist Razer product was razer Mamba :)
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  19. MrOJPurvis

    MrOJPurvis New Member

    It's got to be the day I got my first ever Razer Kraken Chroma, which was my first ever Razer product and it kinda blew my mind, and just got me addicted to other Razer products. Or it could be the time at CES 2017 when you unveiled Project Valerie which was just freaking awesome
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  20. Anantha1998

    Anantha1998 New Member

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