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How to clean Razer Blade/Stealth Speaker Grill

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Sactons, Apr 16, 2018.


Does ur razer laptop's speaker grill gets dirty? Ex. little white dust particle

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  1. Sactons

    Sactons Member

    Hello! This post is about my own experience on how to clean the razer blade or razer blade stealth speaker grill. I personally owns both the stealth and the blade 14, got the stealth first last year (probably May 2017), and the blade 14 this year(Feb 2018), the stealth speaker grill is a bit smaller but it should work on both.

    The speakers are really nice sounds for a laptop this size, but it's really hard to clean. There is always little white dust particles in these grills. I tried many methods to clean it and some worked really well.

    1. Use a toothbrush/ those makeup brushes
    first use a toothbrush or anything with firm and super thin bristles to kind of loose the dust inside the grill, go up/down then left/right, u don't need to apply too much downward force, just go hard enough so the bristle can kind of get inside the grill. There are some makeup brushes for eyelashes that have pretty firm bristles and are rounded, those are very effective for loosening the dust particles, u can probably pick one up in a makeup store, I found out about it when shopping with my gf in Macys.

    2. Use clear tape
    Just cut some rectangular clear tape that's about the size of the speaker grill, and try to get some of the larger particles out. Just press the tape on top of the grill, u should see some of the particles on the tape if u got some of the dust out.

    3. Use a hair drier/ vacume
    Use either a hair drier or vacuum to blow/suck the smaller dust particles out, use one of those extension thing with the vacuum, so it has the most suction.

    4. Use some water
    This is not recommended cos it might damage the speakers even the laptop, but in case some really hard particles got stuck in the grill, wet or spray a paper towel with a small amount of water, and just try to rub the towel on the grill in circular motion, it should help soften the dust.

    And just repeat the three steps and u should be able to get most of the dust out of the grill, it works for me and my friends who also owns razer laptop. Hope this helps and looking forward to see some replys with results!! Thanks!
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