Is Virtual Reality the future?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oceanblue, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. I really don't understand why Virtual Reality is such a big deal right now, and now Razer made their own Open Source VR. Is it really that necessary?
  2. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I see it as more of a fad. kinda like rhythm and motion gaming. It is gonna be really cool for flight sim games and maybe a few open world games but I don't think it will fully go mainstream.
  3. Fizzlestick

    Fizzlestick New Member

    I think it will be a fad too. If you think about it, we like to be immersed but separate from our games. While we love playing COD and CS, I doubt we would actually want to feel like we are in those scenarios live.
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  4. Robotdude

    Robotdude New Member

    I definitely see VR as the future, as it is simple more immersive than anything, and that makes video games more fun.
  5. fliod

    fliod New Member

    I think it is an interesting concept, because for any game other than first person, it doesn't really fit too well. But seeing as many games are first person, I think it will be that some games are designed for VR specifically or just luckily port easily, while others will just not adopt it at all. No, I don't think it will ever completely replace monitors, but I think it will be something many people have as another peripheral.
  6. fliod

    fliod New Member

    I play a lot of League of Legends and I couldn't see any way that VR could be implemented to make it more immersive, I guess they could just display the game on the VR screens but that isn't very practical or different at all. But I also play counterstrike and I could see it making that game much more immersive.
  7. Zaituswow

    Zaituswow New Member

    We are living in a virtual world. Nothing has been happening with the oculus rift, so Razer needed to step in and make something better and more updated.
  8. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I think they are making VR just to see if they can. I think they kinda said "hey, why not?" one day.
  9. fliod

    fliod New Member

    I think Razer stepped in to make it more accessible as OSVR is inherently "open source" so it will make virtual reality a much more common thing. It is to expand the industry and throw their name into the mix, I believe.
  10. Kirito_Kun

    Kirito_Kun New Member

    I think that true "Full Dive" VR is going to be the future of gaming. Felling as though you are actually moving your body as you play a game will be the future and i believe that Razer could lead that group of gamers.
  11. fliod

    fliod New Member

    Yeah, judging by your name you're referring to similar technology as in SAO, which I also believe will be the future of popular gaming since it will be a true escape from reality. But I still think many things like strategy games would not benefit much from VR, however in full-dive you could even play a first person MOBA if that's what people wanted.
  12. Kirito_Kun

    Kirito_Kun New Member

    That is true but think about playing a real-time strategy game with a god like perspective, StarCraft 2 for example
  13. Crimson905

    Crimson905 New Member

    I think eventually, but not for a while.
  14. I'd like to see it as a big part of gaming in the future, just the experience alone to use VR equipment in my mind is pretty cool.
  15. myenoodle

    myenoodle New Member

    VR will definitely be around in the future but I feel like this fad won't last unless it's affordable to the majority of the population. It's like designer clothes- first thing you check is the price tag and that will determine whether or not to skip out on it or buy it.
  16. Fournafish

    Fournafish New Member

    VR has a lot of uses outside of gaming- architecture, for example. Like getting to see what your design will look like from the inside once completed. I think it's gained too much momentum now with all the different manufacturers to die out or be a fad.
  17. telis11

    telis11 New Member

    I think virtual reality is here now and will stay for a long time
  18. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    Well, Razer isn't actually making it - unfortunately, they're just supporting the product. Which blows. I won't be purchasing this one, I was hoping for Razer to actually make it. As far as VR goes there isn't one that I'm personally interested in atm.
  19. Minimumu

    Minimumu New Member

    Too many companies has started to make VR headsets.. Many devices, but no games to play on them.. Just need to sit and wait I guess
  20. ResoluteFury

    ResoluteFury New Member

    It's a little bit harder to reconcile social responsibilities with game immersion. While I enjoy the idea of being fully immersed in a game, I also have to balance interaction with my family (child and wife). In that sense, VR (even more so "full-dive" like systems) becomes an unusually large burden on my social life. It would be one thing to have a holodeck, where "Dad's in the next room" versus taking myself out of a room I'm in.

    Maybe it'll catch on for travel (self-driving cars or air transportation?), but it'll take time to work out social kinks to prevent it from becoming a Jawbone or Google Glass.
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