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keyboard and mouse or controller to pc?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Arbid1243, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. Minjo_Kovacs

    Minjo_Kovacs New Member

    It really depends on the game I'm playing...sure for fps only mouse + keyboard (or, for me, the Nostromo) but for action gdr (mainly) xbox 360 controller all the way!
  2. D4rk5h4d0w

    D4rk5h4d0w New Member

    Agreed! Mouse accuracy is much better than controller. I find it much better for all games personally though, controllers are just not for me.
  3. theonelastchance

    theonelastchance New Member

    I use USB extension cables for my Black Widow Ultimate(That I picked up at a pawn shop brand new for $50!!) and a wireless mouse, combined with a DS4 for a gamepad, seems to work perfect.
  4. cheesemarathon

    cheesemarathon New Member

    I use both. Driving games or anything like that i use a controller. Also any bad ports from console to PC i use a controller for too. But things like dota or FPS's i have to use keyboard and mouse.
  5. natbri

    natbri New Member

    Keyboard and mouse ftw!!
  6. DJPixcell

    DJPixcell New Member

    I use keyboard and mouse. I have games that I use with a controller, but only on console games. Thats what I have the console for.

    I only use a controller on PC when I am using a vehicle type of game, even then usually requires me to use keyboard shortcuts.
  7. nxtlvlgamer

    nxtlvlgamer New Member

    Keyboard and mouse cuz its more accurate. Controllers don't let you react as fast in my opinion.
  8. Always keyboard and mouse. Never could get used to the controller
  9. I prefer keyboard and mouse when playing shooter games and then switch to controllers when I play RPG games (when it allows me at least).
  10. freakoftech

    freakoftech Active Member

    definitely keyboard and mouse. a controller doesnt give the precision and speed of a mouse
  11. retroroadGinger105

    retroroadGinger105 New Member

    I play a lot of games that need a controller, but there are games where the mouse + keyboard are superior, like FPS
  12. hmoth84

    hmoth84 New Member

    Much like others, it really depends on the game I'm playing. KBM for the vast majority of games but a 360 controller for adventure/action games (Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, etc.). I really wished Diablo III had the console controls as an option on PC, if only to test them out...
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