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Looking for a new MMO

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Pr0ffy, Jun 27, 2017.

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  1. iboidoivi

    iboidoivi New Member

    Hey all so Iv definitly had a blast with the MMOs Iv played in the past but I feel the need to get into something new. Something fresh that feels similar but different. The ones I play have been really fun but they start to feel more like a chore lately and need something that gives me that sort of "spark" again. Would you guys mind listing some that I might find interesting? Ill list everything Iv played to avoid confusion along with a top 5 to show the sort of stuff I favor.

    Aion / Defiance / Elder Scrolls Online / Final Fantasy XI / Final Fantasy XIV / Firefall / Guild Wars / Guild Wars 2 / Rift / Runes of Magic / The Old Republic / Wildstar / World of Warcraft

    Top 5:
    1-Guild Wars 2 (Everything) / 2-Aion (Scenery, music) / 3-Rift (Secrets, puzzles, collectibles, unique rift idea) / 4-Final Fantasy XIV (Scenery, music, quest style) / 5-Elder Scrolls Online (Elder Scrolls game, dungeons, quest style)

    I havnt had a chance to play Stormblood or Morrowind yet although I do have both just a heads up incase someone was going to suggest I try.
  2. iAmNoRecoil

    iAmNoRecoil New Member

    what about playing the new one Black Desert ?
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  3. iboidoivi

    iboidoivi New Member

    Iv definitly wanted to check it out and its on my list for sure. However my friend brought up alot of good points for example installing something that spies on your pc, the fact you cant access all character creation options without paying more, and some other things that I cant quite remember at the moment. Have you actually played it? Because Im kinda stuck between if I should get it or not.
  4. FiendRiver666

    FiendRiver666 Active Member

    I'm literally just gonna recommend RuneScape because I've been away from the MMO scene for a long time due to busy life and army stuff. So yah, probably not the most helpful reply, but hey, it's something...
    That aside, yah. Check out Black Desert and DCUO.
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  5. iboidoivi

    iboidoivi New Member

    I used to play a bit of Runescape back in the day I could never get fully into it like others but back then I was more into action/adventure games so its possible I could give it another shot. DCUO I actually have on my PS4 I apollogize I forgot to add it to my list haha but its fairly fun I just dislike how much DLC there is (I like to have access to everything there is in a game). As for BDO as I mentioned in my reply to Recoil it downloads something that scans your PC that my friend brought up I guess its called "Xigncode3". A friend was telling me to avoid the game because of this but Im not sure do you know anything about it by chance? I do want to check out and play BDO but I have no clue on what Xigncode actually is or does.
  6. mudpaws

    mudpaws New Member

    dont know if it'll help but you may want to try warframe it has a lot of goody's and so on ,, but i hope you find a good game that will fit your needs
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  7. iboidoivi

    iboidoivi New Member

    I absolutely love Warframe. Its not technically an MMO but its still super fun. Whos your main frame? Mine is Ember prime.
  8. Jaisani

    Jaisani Cat

    Hi @Pr0ffy, its great to see another MMO player here on the forums. :)

    It seems almost all of the great MMOs to play were already mentioned, maybe except for Marvel heroes 2016.

    If you're a Marvel fan, its the best MMO to play. Why? You get to play as your favorite Marvel super hero and even villains! and its free to play. Also its not really a pay-to-win type of game as you can get almost all of the heroes in the game using in-game currency which can be used to exchanged for heroes. The main campaign is quite interesting as you get to find different kind of villains and travel around the different places in the Marvel universe. The voice acting for each hero is great too and the heroes have great voice interactions with each other too. For example, sometimes when Spider-man see Rocket Raccoon, he would say "Hey it's Rocket, I heard he was bitten by a radioactive raccoon" There are tons of interaction the heroes and villains have with each other and the environment.

    In short, I highly recommend you and any else who hasn't played the game to check it out. ;)
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  9. SasoS

    SasoS New Member

    Albion Online (release date: 17.7.2017) , Darkfall Rise of Agon (if you don't mind graphics and some wierd mechanics), Archeage (zSilver!), EVE Online, RPG MO (free on steam), Lord of the rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter (zSilver), Conan Exiles (alpha not quite an MMO yet but fun), PlanetSide2 (don't know if it is an MMO but it sure feels like one), Elite Dangerous.

    There are some ARPGs coming out this year which I am not very interested in so I didn't remember the names.

    I will prolly play Albion Online on release. I am currently waiting for Crowfall (you can hop in Alpha right away) and Ashes of Creation (this one will prolly need 2 years to come out) to come out.

    You should be more specific what kind of MMO you want to play and dude forget about the spark, we all search for that. It is like falling in love for the first time! Maybe if you leave MMO's for 5 years and then maybe you will get the spark.
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  10. Jferg

    Jferg New Member

    You try Wildstar, Blade & Soul or Tera? All have very stylistic graphics and have gender locked or class locked classes but are all pretty unique from each other and free to play, and Tera is coming to console later this year. I love Tera, its a really niced paced and fun game just to play, i haven't gotten to much into the other two because my pc broke recently, but wildstar has really hardcore PvE content and blade and soul has a pretty heavy story and pretty competitive PvP. Tera has a bit of both, but doesn't excel particularly at either. Finally, all have cash shops but are not really pay to win, more of convenience stuff. Hope this helps.
    Edit: didn't see you said wildstar, disregard that.
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  11. 9l_xcelr8

    9l_xcelr8 Active Member

    Install Dota 2 (MOBA), you will never need another game your whole life coz there will be none left to spare
    11/10 would recommend
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  12. iboidoivi

    iboidoivi New Member

    WoW I never expected a Razer Official to actually comment on my post haha Im glad to see this though it really made my day. Iv actually heard of this from one of my friends but didnt know it actually existed. I actually like Marvel alot more than DC (DCUO is ok but with the P2W dlc factor its a bit annoying) and the way you describe it sounds amazing. Also really nice with the Rocket quote I always did like Spidey and Im glad to see he has some extra quips made up just for the game like that. Definitly going to check this out when I can thanks so much for the recommendation. Also keep up the great work with the great products.

    I have yet to try Albion actually but if you recommend it I will definitly check it out same with EVE. Neverwinter, Archeage, and LotR are all on my "to do list" I have played them but not enough to actually consider them on my "played list". As for Darkfall, Conan, and Elite I have never heard of either of these Im glad to see a few games I havnt even heard of that I could try out and discover. I cannot wait for Crowfall and Ashes they both look fantastic but I didnt know it was so easy to join Crowfall Im definitly going to have to try and get into the alpha. I was fairly specific with showing my top 5 regarding music and visuals and such for each but I suppose in short I like the fantasy settings the most. Aion is one of my favorites mainly because of the glowing mushrooms and ethereal visuals to them regardless of the grindfest that it was/is. Thanks for the recommendations though.

    All good haha. I love Tera and Wildstar I think I forgot to put Tera in my list but I havnt really played it much so perhaps thats why. Probobly cause I didnt have anyone to play with or something along those lines like no friends, no guild. I was just running around solo. As for Blade and Soul I had it installed but never even opened it so I have heard of it but have yet to actually play it. Thank you very much for the recommendations Ill look more into Tera and B&S. Thanks alot for the recommendations.

    Is Dota 2 really that good of a game? Thats a legit question like I actually know nothing about it haha. From what I imagine its a MOBA after things Iv heard which Im a bit specific on (dont like League but I really like Heroes and Smite).
  13. GarakS31

    GarakS31 New Member

    Star Trek Online
  14. 9l_xcelr8

    9l_xcelr8 Active Member

    Dota 2 is definitely the best MOBA there is, be it graphic-wise or gameplay-wise, and if you are not from SEA(South East Asia) region you won't even have to encounter the most cancerous community that Dota2 has to offer. Also now might be the best time to start following Dota 2 esports scene(most rewarding esports), The International(Valve-hosted biggest tournament of Dota2 that happens once a year) qualifiers are going on and the main even starts in a month.
  15. iboidoivi

    iboidoivi New Member

    Interesting Ill have to check it out then for sure. I always try something out atleast once if its recommended to me. Much appreciated with the info on the tournament and stuff.
  16. mudpaws

    mudpaws New Member

    oh i have all the frames on their even the newest one , i am a warlord on that game and some think im a god on it too i dont tthink so but people watch me and all they can say is damn how do you do that , i do try to tell them but no one believes me srugs oh well , i am going to make some youtube vids on how to and show how i play wf maybe will get the jist of the game .. look me up on their if you want to ill addy you to my friends list .
  17. iboidoivi

    iboidoivi New Member

    Iv been playing for a long time aswell so I can relate to the whole "godlike" thing. I remember when Stalker actually dropped Hate, Despair, and Dread. Now you can only get the greatsword :/ Was only missing Hate too and was forced to buy it.
  18. mudpaws

    mudpaws New Member

    i think he still drops them but you need to kill a lower boss like vore , ill be tring and see if he will or not . im getting on in a few mins and i will do a few boss kill runs see if i can't get mr' spooky out heh :)
  19. iboidoivi

    iboidoivi New Member

    Haha he never pops up when I want him too. Only when I dont want him to does he show up. I think I read something where you had to beat him before you did the 2nd dream or something but Im not sure if that has changed since or not.
  20. viperc46

    viperc46 New Member

    If you want a really short MMO (only 49 levels) that still has an almost enriching experience. I don't really play too many MMOs myself as I am just now starting to get into them really myself but from the time that it took me to play it I really enjoyed it and still go back to it when I have a chance.
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