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Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Tr1ckyPlayz, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    That is a fantastic use of macros. Some of the Gem skins auto-shout when you make actions, but this helps level the playing field.
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  2. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    For Dota 2, you can bind all kinds of keys to macros.

    Invoker, courier etc....
  3. gansoxd

    gansoxd New Member

    I never used macros, but there are some great ideas here, thanks!
  4. wiking19950309

    wiking19950309 Active Member

    With my naga 2014 I use these macros while I work:

    2- Ctrl+S
    3- Ctrl+C
    4- Backspace
    5- F5
    6- Ctrl+X
    7- Desktop
    8- Cycle
    9- Ctrl+ V
    10- Task Manager
    11- System Utility
    12- Close App
  5. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    What a great idea!

    If I had my Naga Hex at work, I'd definitely bind (not in this order):
    1. copy
    2. paste
    3. add row
    4. delete row
    5. hide row/column
    6. undo
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  6. TometoTom

    TometoTom Active Member

    Rip, be careful you don't get banned xD
    Many big servers will autoban you for autoclicking, though.

    I use my macros to mute my mic and launch some programs that I use often (eg: Mirillis Action). Quite useful!
  7. mnrtjedennis

    mnrtjedennis Active Member

    I use a lot of keybindings, in some games i use macro's tho but not that much
  8. JKevin187

    JKevin187 Member

    I never used macro, I tihnk I should start sometimes, would help me a tons from wat i see
  9. ndx_leon

    ndx_leon Member

    The macro is so hard to understand and to set for me =.= so i rather not use it
  10. IniAfi

    IniAfi Member

    i used macros to change profiles. yep only that

    and for designing
    i used my BW chroma macros for zoom in and zoom out in photoshop and etc
  11. RoastierThanToastier

    RoastierThanToastier Active Member

    I use the same thing I like to have a really fast clicking macro for shooters
  12. ttouchdown77

    ttouchdown77 Active Member

    Fast clicking for Cookie Clicker/Clicker Heroes, lol.
  13. Tr1ckyPlayz

    Tr1ckyPlayz Member

    lol everyone uses autoclickers
  14. Jayxe

    Jayxe Member

    I have a few games I use a macro on.

    Diablo 3:
    One Button Salvage All:

    Left Click,
    I add a .05 second delay so I can salvage all my items and unneeded legendaries with 1 button press when I mouse over the appropriate box/Legendary. (Careful, though! You can accidentally salvage a legendary without realizing, because this macro basically takes away the confirmation screen!)

    Borderlands 2 and The Pre Sequel:
    Quick Quit Game:

    Down x4,
    Add a .05 second delay after each key. This quits the game very quickly, which is useful for speed running the campaign or farming a boss over and over where you'd need to quit and reload real fast.
    One Button Replenish Ammo: This one is my favorite.
    Enter x10, Down,
    Enter x10, Down,
    Enter x10, Down,
    Enter x10, Down,
    Enter x10, Down,
    Enter x10,
    Up, Up, Up, Up, Up,
    Add a .009 seconds delay between each action (i.e. Enter Pressed Down - .009 delay Enter Released - .009 delay). This is VERY useful for replenishing ammo in about half a second when you're at the ammo shop. It zips through the ammo, purchasing max ammo on all sources, and ends back up on the top selection, just in case you accidentally hit it twice or it doesn't fill up your ammo. The key is to have your yellow blinking box on the top ammo (Assault Rifle ammo) before you press the macro! Otherwise, it might buy all the grenade mods below and waste a lot of money. If you're in the Pre Seqeul, add one more Enter x10, Down because there is 1 more type of ammo (Laser Ammo).

    Any Game with "Spam [this button]!"
    [X/Y/Z] Button Spam:
    I have a few keys (E, Q, F to name a few) assigned to be spammed with a .05 second delay between, so I can just hold the macro button down instead of mashing my keyboard trying to get that door to pry open in Tomb Raider lol. Works very well, as long as you have the macro to "Play while assigned key is pressed."
  15. Blockmonster57

    Blockmonster57 Active Member

    My most macros are: left click spam, opening Synapse and to type in commands for Subnautica, Minecraft or Gmod
  16. Tr1ckyPlayz

    Tr1ckyPlayz Member

    cool macros :)
    any more ?
  17. SuijinZero

    SuijinZero Active Member

    I bound a lot of shortcuts to my Razer Naga, I found it extremely helpful in web browsing. I can open tab close tab recall tabs all at the touch of my thumb. Other than typing for search words, I can do practically everything else with my mouse =)))).
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