Razer phone 2 two issues.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Pyroxi, Nov 23, 2018.

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  1. Pyroxi

    Pyroxi New Member

    First issue is it seems like my speaker randomly when just doing normal every day use of the phone makes a popping noise. Second issue is the back of the phone when pressed on seems to make a clicking noise. Does anyone else have these same issues? Is there a fix for the weird popping noise from the speaker?
  2. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    The popping sound is due to a bug in the software it'll hopefully be fixed soon.

    As for the other issue it's air escaping from the vapor chamber inside the phone and nothing to worry about.
  3. TRoas

    TRoas Member

    Just got my phone...

    No clicking noise for me when the back is pressed.

    Popping sound is there unfortunately and its really annoying... Needs fixing immefiately...
  4. Gonzo6o

    Gonzo6o Member

    I've got the popping sound plus sometimes the screen lock sound will be super loud. Takes a reboot to fix it. I'm on a AT&T version .
  5. FatKidWanderer

    FatKidWanderer Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Are you still having the same issues with your phone? Send me a PM together with the Serial Number of your Razer Phone. Let's start there. I'll be waiting.

    *Moving thread to Support Forum for visibility.
  6. Gonzo6o

    Gonzo6o Member

    The issue with the speakers on my AT&T Razer phone 2 is with Dolby I think. Sometimes the screen lock and unlock volume with be very very loud. When I turn Dolby off it goes back to normal. Takes a reboot to fix it. Along with poping sound from time to time.
  7. FatKidWanderer

    FatKidWanderer Well-Known Member

    I see. Can you send us the Serial Number and Product Number of your Razer Phone 2 through PM? Let's start there.
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